How to Make Money from a Blog

If you write lots of content for your blog on a consistent basis you can make money from it by just adding some html code in appropriate sections. The beauty of this method is that you create a passive income stream.

7 Ways to Make Money From A Blog

1. Adsense

This is one of the easiest methods because you simply add the Google Adsense code to your blog pages. When someone clicks on the ad you get paid. As you create more content containing adsense ads you make more money because you receive more clicks.

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2. Affiliate programs

Clickbank has over 10,000 affiliate products to choose from. You receive a commission for each product you sell. You simply get your affiliate code from the clickbank vendor and place it within the content on your web site. Fort example if the commission is 75% and the cost to the visitor is $100 you will receive a commission of $75.00.

3. Market your own products

Perhaps you have written an ebook or report. If you add a graphic and link to your product on every page of your blog you may sell multiple copies of it for years to come. This can be an ongoing income stream.

4. Promote your own services

You may write “how-to” articles to help visitors with services you offer. For example I offer Web Design, Hosting and SEO services so I provide lots of tips on these subjects then leave a call to action and link to my services at the bottom of each post or article.

5. Newsletter subscription form

Sending a newsletter to your readers on a regular basis helps build long term relationships. This enables you to recommend various products you find useful for them and make money from your list. Place the subscription form on every page of your blog to make it easy for readers to subscribe.

6. Write reviews

You can get paid for writing reviews about products or services. You simply write an article of 500-600 words. One of the best paid review sites is:

7. Text Link Ads

You get paid for placing text based ads on your blog pages. The company provides the html code that you place within the html code of your web site. Visit to sign up for an account.

To increase the amount of money you make from a blog, be consistent about adding lots of content
ie add content at least three times a week and make sure each post is optimized so it attracts
search engine traffic.

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