How To Research The Market Value Of Any Keyword

Most internet marketers will tell you to ONLY carry out keyword research to find a niche or develop a product. If you follow this advice you could spend lots of time and money developing your niche only to realize months later it was not profitable. Even if your keyword receives a high number of searches each month there is no guarantee it has commercial value.


Some time ago I created a Google AdWords campaign centered on “italian recipes” because the average cost per click (CPC) was very low and there were several clickbank products available to sell as an affiliate. At the time the CPC was around 10 cents so I only had to spend $10 for 100 clicks. I ran the campaign for several weeks trying the different keywords I’d researched. I achieved a 2% click through rate but didn’t make one sale.

Why didn’t I generate any sales?

A search for “italian recipes” generates 1000s of free italian recipes. Why pay for an italian recipe cookbook when you can get the information for free from the Net? The keyword phrase “italian recipes” receives 1000s of searches each month but has little or no commercial value.

Irrelevant keywords Waste Your Time and Effort

  • 90% of all keywords receive no traffic therefore you should only target keywords that get significant traffic.
  • Many keywords that receive a lot of traffic have no commerical value therefore you should only target profitable keywords.

  • 90% of most keywords are too competitive to get top search engine rankings. You should only target keywords that receive a high number of monthly searches and small number of competing sites.

How to research the market value of any keyword

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