How to Get Visitors to Your Blog and Increase Blog Traffic

One of the easiest methods of making money online is to build a blog in a niche you feel passionate about. Without passion your new blog will die a slow death and join millions of other blog owners who started one but couldn’t keep it going. It requires frequent and consistent investment of time and energy to make it work.

Traffic is the lifeblood of your blog. If you fail to get visitors to read your blog you won’t sell products or get subscribers. There are 2 ways to generate traffic to your blog. One works very fast while the other is more long term.


Pay per click
This is where you create ads which appear on the right side of the search engine results. When someone clicks on your ad they’ll be taken to your website. A profitable pay per click campaign is one in which your profit is greater than what you invested. For instance if your budget is $300/month and your profit is $1000/month your profit is $700/month.

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Ezine advertising
This refers to placing an ad in an ezine that caters to your specific niche. For example if the ezine has 50,000 responsive subscribers you will generate immediate traffic from your ad.


There are 100s of ways to generate free traffic to your blog however I’ll discuss the 8 most effective methods I’ve used and still use to generate traffic to my blog or websites:

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How to Build a Quality Links Program

If you want to improve your search engine rankings and gain more web traffic you need to build a quality links program. If done incorrectly your site may get penalized and result in lowered rankings. The number and quality of links pointing to your website make a huge difference.

Benefits of building a quality links program

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Article Marketing Plan – 7 Steps For Creating an Effective Plan That Will Increase Web Traffic

Article marketing requires a consistent effort to be successful. It’s not enough to send out one article a month then expect an increase in visitors to your web site. You need to create an effective marketing plan that fits within your timetable.

Steps for creating an effective article marketing plan

1. Set a goal to write 25 articles within a certain time frame.

If you can write 5 articles a week you will finish 25 articles in 5 weeks. If you write 3 articles a week you can get them finished within 2 months. It’s important to set a deadline so you won’t end up procrastinating.

2. Write short articles

250 words is the minimum amount to submit to EzineArticles. This makes it quick and easy to stitch a few paragraphs together that provides a solid benefit to your readers. Don’t focus on the 250 words but just start writing. Ideas will begin to flow once you begin. Often you’ll surpass 250 words by the time you’ve completed the article.

If you can’t convey your thoughts inside 250 words and need to write more, split the content into into 2 or more articles. Other article directories(besides EzineArticles) require longer articles of 500 or 750 words. In this case you can combine several of your short articles.

3. Focus on one tip then expand upon it

Create an attention-grabbing headline then expand upon it in the article body so that it keeps your reader’s attention. Create a smooth transition to your resource box where you provide the call to action and a link to your web site. Use your main keywords in the title, body and anchor text.

4. Submit your article to specialized publications

After submitting to EzineArticles send your article to ezine publishers that cater to your subject. You can find them by entering your main keyword + ezines in the Google search box .

5. Repurpose your content

If you have the time, repurpose your content by creating a video or audio and submitting it to video and audio sharing sites. This gets your content seen by more people and ultimately drives more traffic to your web site.

6. Consistent effort pays big dividends

Don’t stop once you’ve reached your goal of 25 articles. Set up a new goal…perhaps 250 articles. Set another deadline when you will achieve this. Remember consistency is the key to article marketing success. Every time you submit an article it will work for you by sending visitors to your site for many years. Increasing your article volume means attracting more visitors.

7. Monitor your visitors

Make a note of when you started your article marketing plan by observing your web site statistics. Observe how many visitors you were getting in the beginning then how many you are receiving at the end of your deadline.


You will become more proficient as you write more articles because “practice makes perfect”. Some web site owners pay big bucks to have copy written for them that converts visitors into buyers. Writing lots of articles gives you the added benefit of becoming a great copy writer.

Deep Links – 7 Effective Deep Linking Strategies to Increase Web Traffic

Deep Linking boosts your web site traffic by helping search engines spider the content on other pages besides your home page. This gives your site greater authority because you have related links pointing to these internal pages.

7 Effective Strategies to Build Deep Links

1. Deep links should only be 3 clicks away from the home page.

Search engines don’t spider web sites deeply so make sure visitors can access all pages within 3 clicks
from the home page. Visitors also don’t want to search throughout your site to find relevant information.

2. Create a site map page

The site map should contain all the links of your web site. Place the site map link on the home page and all other pages. This allows visitors to navigate your whole site from one page. Search engines spidering your home page will also spider all the links on the site map page.

3. Create a Google Site Map

This is an XML site map which is different to the html site map mentioned above. According to Google “Sitemaps provide additional information about your site to Google, complementing our normal methods of crawling the web. We expect they will help us crawl more of your site and in a more timely fashion, but we can’t guarantee that URLs from your Sitemap will be added to the Google index.”

The XML site map can include links, anchor information, page priority and how often your site changes. Click here to read more about Google Site Maps

4. Get relevant links from other web sites

If you find a information relevant to a specific page on your web site ask the site owner if they can link to that page. The best way to do this is to offer something of value in return. It may be a link from your own site, an article you’ve written or you can even offer to pay them for a link from their site to yours.

5. Write articles that target specific web pages

Write an article that focuses on the content of one of your web pages. Use the main keywords in your article title, content and the anchor text in your resource box. Submit your content to the top article directories. If many people publish the article you will receive many links pointing back to your web page. The more articles you generate the more links you’ll acquire.

6. Internal linking

When creating a new web page or blog post link to other pages that have related content. This will strengthen the authority of the page you are linking to and help it attain higher rankings.

7. Use the no follow tag to control deep links

You don’t need search engines to index irrelevant web pages such as your contact or privacy policy pages. It dilutes the authority of your web site. You only want Google to index pages that matter.

To stop Google from indexing irrelevant pages insert the no follow tag like this:

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>anchor</a>

This will maximize the flow of link juice to your most important pages and minimizes (or eliminates) the flow of link juice to your least important pages. For more information read “Sculpting Your PageRank For Maximum SEO Impact


Increasing the number and quality of links pointing to your internal pages will make it easier for search engines to spider your web site. This boosts web traffic and get visitors to stay longer on your site because of its in-depth content.

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