Blog Titles – How to Optimize Blog Post Titles to Attract Search Engines and Visitors

So you’ve optimized the structure of your Word Press Blog and you’re ready to add some content. If you don’t optimize your content you won’t attract much traffic or visitors. One of the most important aspects of your content is your blog titles. It’s what your visitors read first and will motivate them to read the rest of your post. Before creating any titles or content do keyword research.

How to optimize blog post titles to attract search engine traffic

Keyword research

Enter your main keyword in the search box of the free Word Tracker Tool to see how many searches that term is receiving. If there are no searches try alternative keywords. Try different combinations of keywords to see which one gets the most searches. Often the one you try first may not receive the most searches.

Insert keywords in blog titles

Include your keyword at the beginning of your title. For example I placed “Blog Titles” at the beginning of this post because it gets 4 searches per month according to the WordTracker Tool. The keyword phrase “optimize blog post titles” receives 2 searches per month so I also included it in the title. This means the search engines will spider the keyword phrases in my title and rank my blog post accordingly. It may even get high rankings if there is not much competition.

How to optimize blog titles to attract visitors

Its not enough to create optimized titles just for the search engines. For example the phrase “Blog Titles” is not a very attractive title. You need to place yourself in your visitors shoes and give them what they want. The title must clearly state what they are going to receive in the content so they will want to read more. There I added the sentence “How to Optimize Blog Post Titles to Attract Search Engines and Visitors” to qualify what my visitors will receive by reading the content in my post.

In my next article I’ll discuss how to optimize blog content.

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