Top Search Engine Rankings Don’t Guarantee Success

top search engine rankings
Are you always checking your web site rankings?
Is your traffic dependent on maintaining top rankings?
Do your rankings convert into sales?

Attaining top search engine rankings doesn’t always translate into a successful online business as there are multiple factors influencing a visitor’s decision.

Here are 5 reasons why top rankings don’t guarantee success

1. Search engine ranking formulas change

You may enjoy top rankings for a while when suddenly your site disappears. This is because search engines constantly change their ranking formulas.

2. Competing web sites

Your rankings may drop due to other sites competing for the same top position. If your only source of traffic is from the search engines you may suddenly have no sales and be out of business if you lose your top position.

3. Geo targeted search results

If you enter “shoes” in the Google search box local business companies are displayed in the search results in Google maps and the Google ads on the right side of the page. This is because search engines know your location by your IP address and will provide results that are beneficial to you.

The same happens when searching within your Google or Yahoo account. You’ll receive personalized search results based on your preferences. Google is always trying to make searches more targeted so you quickly receive the information you seek. The rankings you see from your desktop may not be the same as what others see.

4. Top rankings don’t mean more traffic

It’s easy to achieve top rankings for keywords no one is searching for. The search engine company you hired may give you a list of all the keyword phrases that received first page rankings. These keywords are useless if they don’t increase the number of visitors to your web site.

5. Top rankings don’t equal sales

If your web site looks unprofessional it will turn away your visitors. Some other factors that influence conversions include:

  • poorly written web copy
  • slow loading times
  • difficulty navigating to other pages
  • broken links
  • cluttered web page

Instead of constantly checking your rankings evaluate the performance of your web pages to convert visitors into sales.

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