Use Icons to Spice Up Your Content

Icons help break up the content on your web site in much the same way as bulleted points or paragraphs except you’re using images. Your eyes often get tired if you read lots of content online however adding icons will make it a lot easier.

Icons can also be used to draw attention to a specific area of your web page similar to what images do. For example I often use icons at the beginning of posts on this blog to help draw your attention to the content.

Examples of ways to use icons

Here’s an article on that lists (with examples) the ideal locations to use icons in the content on your web pages.

  • Spice up feature lists
  • Draw attention to new features in a Web application
  • List different applications and products
  • List your services and increase readability
  • Accent headers to give titles a creative touch
  • Engage readers on pages with extra long content
  • Offset headings and sections
  • Size doesn’t matter! Even small icons can be effective
  • Switch things up by placing icons to the right of the paragraph
  • Vary size and placement of icons