MAC vs PC Pros and Cons

I’ve been using a PC with Windows XP professional for 7 years. I purchased a Dell dimension with a 200 GB hard drive. As you can imagine I ran out of hard drive space and had to use an external hard drive as a backup to store my files. Also the computer took forever to start up and when I used multiple applications the computer slowed down considerably.

After several years of putting up with the slow computer and lack of storage I decided to take the leap and purchase a new computer. The biggest problem I encountered was trying to decide which one to buy, another PC or a Mac?

One of the main tasks I now use the computer for is video editing. I purchased a Mac Book Air (2GHz i7 8GB Memory 250GB storage) several years ago to use explicitly for video editing however rendering videos is sometimes a little slow because it lacks power. I also have to use an external hard drive because videos takes up multiple gigabytes of storage.

So I decided it’s time to purchase another computer.

Mac or PC which one should I buy?

Here are the Pros for a PC…

  • 90% of businesses throughout the world use PCs
  • Inexpensive compared to Macs
  • Easy to upgrade if you know what you’re doing
  • Easy to add more storage should you need it
  • A lot of software only works on PCs

Here are the Cons for a PC

  • Vulnerable to viruses and malware
  • Microsoft often upgrades its operating system
    before all the bugs are ironed out
  • Microsoft no longer provides technical support for old PCs
  • PCs take a long time to start up unless you use an SSD
  • Takes up a lot of desktop space
  • Often includes a lot of crapware that you don’t need

Here are the Pros for a MAC

  • Extremely freezes or crashes
  • Long lasting..doesn’t slow down after many years of use
  • Suffer less attacks than Windows-based PCs
  • Not vulnerable to viruses and malware
  • No need to install antivirus software
  • Design is sleek and professional
  • Only takes up a small amount of space on your desk top
  • Don’t need repairing as often as PCs
  • Powerful computer for video editing
  • Ability to run Windows on a Mac machine
  • The 27 inch screen of the iMac allows you to
    display multiple apps in one window
  • Impressive collection of very useful apps included
  • Seamless integration between Macs and iOS devices
  • Beautiful retina high definition screen on the iMAC
    with anti-reflective coating.
  • No bloatware
  • Cheaper than a PC in the long run
  • Built in Time Machine makes it easy to backup your machine
  • Apple tech support is very quick, knowledgeable and helpful

Here are the Cons for a Mac

  • Expensive
  • Not easy to upgrade if you want more storage
  • Some PC software is not compatible with MACS
  • Not many computer stores know how to repair Macs

I’m not saying everyone should ditch their PC and run to an Apple Store. Macs aren’t for everyone. You might not be in a position to afford the hardware or need that much computing power.

But if you’re free from any restrictions, do video editing and if you’re due for an upgrade, Macs are worth considering.

Trust me, it’s well worth it!

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ScreenFlow Hero Review – Best Video Editing Training Course To Create Professional Videos

screenflow hero

  • Do you want to create professional videos to promote your products and services?
  • Do you want to learn how to quickly and easily edit your videos?
  • Do you want to know how to add elements to your videos that grab viewers attention?

One of the biggest problems when creating videos is that you’ll make a ton of mistakes. If you want your video to look professional you’ll need to remove these mistakes using video editing software.

For example if you’re making a talking head video you’ll undoubtedly stutter over some words which makes the video harder to watch. This can easily be resolved by editing the video using ScreenFlow video editing software.

Why use Screenflow?

screenflo hero banner

In the early days of creating videos I used Windows Movie Maker to edit all my videos however I soon realized it lacked many features for producing professional videos such as zooming in on objects or people, recording my computer screen and importing video clips to spruce up the content.

Here are the 3 main benefits for using ScreenFlow

  1. Saves time
    You can easily import a video clip shot from your iPhone (or video camera) and quickly edit out the mistakes plus add new elements (ie images, music, text) then upload it to YouTube within the software.
  2. Keep projects organized and clutter-free
    Nested timelines enables you to merge multiple elements into a single clip on your timeline. Screenflow’s media library organization tools allows you to easily find and add clips to your videos.
  3. Create effects that capture viewer’s attention
    Boring videos lose viewers attention. ScreenFlow enables you to create stunning effects such as zooming in on objects or making them fly in from the side. You can also use various filters to modify the color of your videos.

So how can you quickly and easily learn how to use all the features of ScreenFlow without going crazy?

The solution is ScreenFlow Hero

What is ScreenFlow Hero and how will it benefit you?

This is series of short video tutorials created by Jules Watkins, a Former MTV and BBC TV Director who has helped produce well known television programs such as “The Big Loser.” Each tutorial gives you the exact tips and tricks he uses to create good looking videos.

Here’s a sample of the type of video training you’ll receive:

So what’s inside the membership area of Screenflow Hero?

1. ScreenFlow Fast Start

This video tutorial clearly explains how to use all the features of ScreenFlow…a must if you’re going to create videos on a regular basis.

Here are the details of what you’ll learn in this video tutorial…

Buying SF
Audio Driver
Creating document
The Tour
Saving tip
The Tour cont/d
Adding media
Managing media
Adding Media cont/d
Previewing clips
Putting a clip on the timeline
Clip size
Audio Waveform
Video Properties
Color Controls
Video Filters
Video Action
Audio Controls
Audio Meters
Audio Ducking
Smooth volume levels
Mix Audio
Effects and Filters
Screen Recording settings
Screen Recording resolution
Show Mouse Pointer
Callout properties
Transition Inspector
Screen Capture Golden Nugget

2. Total Editing

This video tutorial explains the exact steps you need to take to edit a video imported into ScreenFlow and how to add elements to it to dazzle your viewers.

Here’s a list of what you’ll learn in this video tutorial…

Create new document
Add the media
Watch the final video
Add clip timeline
Preview the clip
Add clip to timeline
Detach Audio
Assembling the soundbites
Looking at the waveform
More trimming
Video Duration
Thinking about music
Auditioning music
Import chosen music
Add music to timeline
Keeping the music ending
Getting into the editing
Freeze Frame effect
Video action
Adding a freeze
Timing the annotation
Dragging the music
Adding spaces
Adding the B-roll (B-roll = extra shots to cover over your talking head)
Keeping it simple for the first pass
Adding an image
Preserving aspect ratio
Using annotation for white background
Animating an image using a transition
Zoom Cut
Adding more B-roll
Another Zoom Cut
Adding the report graphic
Animating the report
Adding text to the report
Flipping a shot
Adding a call to action arrow
Adding Motion to the arrow with an action
Adding the big ending (music)
Fine tuning the audio and finishing touches.
Wrap Up

3. Editing of a Sales Video

This is a step-by-step tutorial for creating your own professional sales video…a must see if you intend to use video to sell your product or service.

Here’s the list of what you’ll learn in this video tutorial…

Video Hive
White text
Spin transition
My name pushes in and out (Video Action on text)
Crash zoom on talking head (Video Action on footage)
Camcorder moves in and out (Video Action on image)
Making an image transparent
Flash transition
Two color text
Spin transition
Using iSight Webcam footage inside ScreenFlow
Resizing Webcam footage
Color Controls .. Saturation
Action Movie FX (the explosion!)
Breaking the video up visually
Color controls
Audio Filter
Black text over white (using annotation)
Three layers, images appear framed in TV set
Video action crash zoom on image
Snapseed App (iPad) applied to photo
Screen capture + zoom with Video Action
Creative use of still image
Image manipulation inside Pages
White text on orange
‘Yes’ putting positive messages in your viewers mind.
White text on orange plus Video Actions
The 10 Dollar note (VidLib app)
Using text with Backdrop Solid Color
Rotating text
Image Zoom in
More Screen Capture and using Google search
Skewing a screen capture (Scaling and Y-axis)
Blur to in focus text effect
Adding movement to an image
Breaking it up visually with filmed footage
The rows of Zeros zoom in (Video Action)
Text zoom (Video Action)
Skewing a screen capture (Scaling and Y-axis)
More VidLib (stock footage)
Add movement by scrolling your pages as you capture
Cube transition (Vary your transitions but not too much)
Talking head left, black solid right plus text
Clip Inspector. (Changing speed)
Improving your sales videos over time
Skewing a screen capture (X-axis)
Skewing text (the word: Exclusive)
Disappearing zero
Price going smaller – symbolism
The Add to Cart animation
Audio plus music strategy
Audio Fade Out

4. ScreenFlow Extra

This series of video tutorials show you how to…

  • Create nested clips
  • Use paste properties
  • Use Skitch with ScreenFlow for adding Screenshots faster
  • Create slow zooms

How to create nested clips

Intro (skippable)
What is nesting?
Nested clip shortcut
Nested clip tabs
Editing a nested clip
Fade in text with opacity control
Copying text nested clip and pasting
Change name of nested clip

How to use paste properties

What is a ‘noddy’?
Copy video properties
Paste video properties
Applying to multiple clips
Paste video filters
Paste audio properties
Paste screen recording properties
Paste callout properties

How to use Skitch with ScreenFlow for adding Screenshots faster

Intro to Skitch
Conventional ways of importing an image
Using Skitch to grab screenshots for ScreenFlow
Screen Snap
Capture button
Skitch annotations
Skitch marker pen
Extra tip: bring a screenshot testimonial to life

How to create slow zooms
Dropping in your image
Exporting the image
Adding a slow zoom in ScreenFlow
Slow zooming with talking heads

What else do you get with the ScreenFlow Hero Training Course

Motion Graphics
These are video graphics you can add to your videos. For example you can use it to announce the title of content at the beginning of your video.

Handpicked Royalty Free Music
This gives you a selection of musical clips that can be played during your video presentation.

20 Lessons from making Info Products that sell
These lessons are extremely valuable for the newbie who wants to sell his or her own info products.

Disadvantage of ScreenFlow Hero

The only disadvantage I can think of for not getting ScreenFlow Hero is that it only works on the MAC so PC users are out of luck. Since my initial videos looked unprofessional using Windows Movie Maker I decided to purchase a Mac Book Air specifically for creating videos. I began using iMovie that was included with the purchase but soon realized it had many limitations so I invested in ScreenFlow and have never looked back.

My recommendation
If you want to quickly and easily learn how to edit your videos so they look professional and captivate viewers attention to generate more leads and sales, I highly purchasing a copy of ScreenFlow Hero. It’s only a one time investment of $97.00 and Jules Watkins constantly adds new video tutorials to the membership area.

And now I’d like to invite you to get your own copy of ScreenFlow Hero by clicking on the banner below..go ahead do it NOW!

screenflo hero banner