How To Find Your Niche On YouTube – Top 7 Ways

Are you struggling to find your niche amongst
the millions of channels on YouTube?

You may think it’s best to create videos on a large variety of topics to appeal to the largest audience so you can get a ton of views and subscribers. The only problem with that thinking is when you try to reach everyone you reach no one or just a few people. It’s like trying to find the best toothpaste in a grocery store out of 100s of different brands. You can’t decide because they all look the same.

Before you decide on a niche for your YouTube channel, think about how you can make it unique so it can stand out from all the other competitors.

Here are the Top 7 Ways To Find Your Niche On YouTube

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1. Do what you love
According to Meriam Websters online dictionary a niche is a place, employment, status, or activity for which a person or thing is best fitted. Create list of things you enjoy doing or are passionate about. If you’re passionate about something it will be easier stay motivated and inspired. It will also be easier to build a connection with people who share the same interest and as well as structuring your video content.

Your list may include hobbies, sports, books, countries you’ve travelled to, mountains you’ve climbed, places you’ve worked, people you admire and organizations you belong to.

Just do a brain dump on paper without thinking too much about what to include so you won’t interrupt the creative process. In my previous video I discussed the 7 ways to identify your passion. Click the card icon above to check it out.

2. Share your expertise
Are you an expert in a particular field? Perhaps you worked in the marketing department for an offline business and now want to utilize your skills to market the products online. Perhaps you’ve gone camping every year and now want to start a channel to share your survival tips.

I began my channel by sharing my web design tips then discovered that I loved making videos. I also discovered that YouTube was a great tool for generating traffic, leads and sales on autopilot. Perhaps you have an old channel that has built up some authority but has been neglected. You can fire it up with new and improved content.

3. Start something new
Maybe all things that you’ve done in your life don’t inspire or motivate you anymore and you want to start something new. You might want to change your lifestyle by selling your house, buying an RV and travelling around the USA. The cool thing about doing something new is that you are your own target market. This means you can easily connect with people on the same level by sharing the same thoughts and emotions.

4. Go beyond your limitations
If there were no financial or physical constraints what would you do? How would you spend your time if you had unlimited funds? Allow yourself to think or dream big then write down all the things that come to mind.

5. Research your niche
Find out if there is an interest in the niche that you have chosen. Search YouTube to study the top channels related to your niche.

Ask yourself these questions…

* Has the channel got a ton of views and subscribers in the last few months?
* Do the videos receive a lot of comments to show that viewers are engaged with the content.

You can also visit other social media sites such as forums, Facebook Groups, linked in groups, twitter, etc. Notice the type of questions that people are asking.

Type your main keyword into the YouTube or Google search box. You’ll see
a list of related topics that you can create videos for.

6. Hone your niche
Instead of trying to appeal to everyone in your niche, narrow it down and focus on one area. Even though you will have a smaller audience, they will be more focused and easier to market to. For example if your niche is about dog training, focus on how to train a specific breed of dog.

7. Make your niche stand out from the crowd
Find ways to make your channel unique so it stands out from your competitors’ channels. For example you can create your own logo, use different channel art, thumbnails, and upload a channel trailer that encapsulates your video content.

You’ve succeeded in finding your niche on YouTube.
Your next step is to plan out your content so you don’t get stuck staring at a blank screen.

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How To Identify Your Passion On YouTube And Start A YouTube Channel

Have you ever had a job that you had no interest in? Maybe it paid well, but you had little or no interest in it. For example I lost interest after working 5 years as a science technician after college so I decided to quit and travel the world.

The same applies when starting a YouTube Channel. You need to find a niche, topic, interest or hobby that you’re interested in pursuing otherwise you’ll lose interest, motivation and inspiration and it will fizzle out after a few weeks.

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So what is Passion?
According to Meriam Websters online dictionary definition “It’s a strong and barely controllable emotion. It’s an intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction.

What are the benefits of being passionate about your niche?
When you’re passionate about something you have more energy, more enthusiasm and it spills over into the relationships of your friends and family. It will also help to override your fears, move you closer to your potential and open the doors to success.

Here are the 7 ways to identify your passion on YouTube

1. Create a list of things you like
Passion already exists inside of you so you don’t have to go looking for it. It’s what get’s you excited so you can’t stop talking or thinking about it. Write down all the things that you currently like to do or have enjoyed doing in previous years.

For example I love hiking, running , swimming, writing, making videos, skiing, martial arts, family, friends, nature, travel, gadgets and spirituality.

2. Priortize your interests
Take the 3 things you’re most interested in then list the reasons why they inspire or interest you. For example I enjoy running because it clears my mind, relieves stress, generates energy, gets me outside to enjoy nature, fresh air and stimulates creative ideas.

3. Research your passion
If you’re going to build a YouTube channel around your passion, you need to do a little research to find out if other people are interested in it. Enter your main keyword in the YouTube search box to discover the popular channels in your niche. Visit online forums, facebook groups, online magazines, and use the autosuggest feature in Google and YouTube to discover phrases that are related to your main keyword. You can then use these keyword phrases to create a video series for your channel.

4. Fuel your passion
One of the best ways to fuel your passion is to look for problems that need solving. When you help others it will add fuel to your passion because we are built to interact and help other people. For example it brings me great joy and inspiration if I can solve a problem that someone has been struggling with for days and weeks.

5. Fail your way to success
As you pursue your passion you’ll come across many failures and obstacles on your journey. This is normal so just embrace the problems because it will deepen your knowledge and you’ll be able to help someone along the way who has encountered the same obstacle. They will thank you for it.

For example Thomas Edison who invented the light bulb made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts before he had success. His teachers said he was “too stupid to learn anything.” and he was fired from his first two jobs for being “non-productive.”

So fail often.

6. Success fuels passion
When you give your full energy and attention to your passion it will result in success. Success may come in small amounts such as the first 100 views or first 100 subscribers. As you invest more time and energy your successes will multiply.

7. I can’t find my passion
Do you struggle to identify your passion? My kids struggled to identify the major to pursue at college. I told them to just pick something, instead of continually stressing and thinking over it. When you give something your full force and attention it will spark something inside of you. Sometimes you don’t know what will light the small flame of passion that exists inside of you until you try something new. For example my daughter absolutely feared skydiving until she overcame her fear and just did it. Now she wants to invite all her friends to do the same.

There you have it, 7 ways to identify your passion and start a YouTube channel. Let me know in the comments below what you’re passionate about or how you discovered the passion for your channel.

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21 YouTube Mistakes To Avoid And How To Fix Them

When starting or growing a YouTube channel you make mistakes that waste you or your viewers time. These mistakes can easily be avoided if you know what to look out for.

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Mindset Mistakes

1. Unclear purpose
If you aren’t clear about why you want to set up a YouTube Channel you’ll soon lose interest and stop spending time creating videos. Instead pursue a niche that you’re passionate about so on days that you lack motivation you’ll still have the drive to keep going.

2. No goals
Goals are like a road map to your destination. If you don’t set a goal for yourself or for your YouTube channel you’ll take less and less action which leads to lack of results. For example your internal goal maybe to have an impact on as many people as possible in your niche. Your external goal maybe to generate 10,000 subscribers to your channel by the end of the year.

3. No target audience
If you don’t know who to target then you’ll create videos for people who aren’t interested in your content. For example if your niche is about running you want to create content that appeals to people who are interested in running.

4. Unappealing content
If your audience is not interested in your content, they are not going to keep watching your videos. One of the best ways to create content that people are interested in, is to type a keyword into the search box of Google or YouTube. You’ll get a bunch of suggestions related to your main keyword.

5. Channel Mistakes
Many beginner YouTubers forget to optimize their channel for their visitors. When people first visit your channel they want them to immediately know what your channel is all about. Therefore create a channel banner and add a channel trailer that reflects the content that you’re going to create. Include a description of your channel content on your about page. Also organize the content on your home page so it’s easy to find.

Video mistakes

6. Improper camera use
Most people these days just use their iPhone to record video but it needs to be high quality video that you record. For example make sure that your whole body takes up the frame in the viewfinder. Also make sure that your eyes are level with the view finder and look straight into the lens of the camera instead of looking off to side like this.

7. Blurry shots
You videos will be blurry if you don’t focus on the object. To prevent that from happening place an object in front of the camera and lock the focus of the camera. When you’re ready to go replace the object with yourself.

8. Poor lighting
Poor lighting in your video will give the impression you don’t know what you’re doing. When I began making videos, I just went outside to use the daylight. Later on I just pinned the bed sheet to the wall then purchased a few cheap lights to light up the background.

9. Lack of confidence on camera
If you speak softly and use a monotone voice you won’t keep your viewers engaged. When appearing on camera you lose a certain amount of energy so speak a little louder and vary the tone of your voice to keep your viewers engaged.

10. Not looking into the camera lens
If you look to the side of the l camera, it doesn’t look like I’m actually talking to you, however if I look straight into the camera lens, then it looks like I’m engaged with you.

11. Bad audio
When I first created videos I just used the built-in mic of my phone camera. This was a big mistake because I often got background noise particularly if I was outside. If I was inside the audio sounded echoey or metallic. If you use an iPhone I highly recommend the Rode SmartLav+ Microphone. It records great sound. Click the card icon to check out my review of the Rode SmartLav Plus Microphone.

12. Rambling
Avoid rambling in your videos. If you don’t get to the point quickly you’ll soon lose your viewers. Use the first few seconds to hook your viewers. For example you can say “in this video I’m going to talk about the YouTube mistakes to avoid and how to fix them”.

13. No call to action
If you want to attract more viewers and subscribers to your channel, include a call to action by using end cards and end screens. Encourage viewers to keep watch related videos by including them in your end screen.

14. Lack of editing
Don’t waste the precious time of your viewers by not editing out the ums, ahs, ramblings and mistakes made during the recording process. Use a video editor such as Screenflow for the Mac or Camtasia for the PC to edit out your mistakes or to spice up your videos.

15. Poor thumbnails
Don’t use the auto-generated thumbnails that YouTube produces. They won’t make your video listings stand out in the search engines. Instead create a custom thumbnail by using the free graphics editor such as canva.

16. Lack of optimization
Your video won’t appear in Google or YouTube if you don’t optimize it after uploading it to your channel. Make sure you include your main keyword in the title, description and tags so it will be found in the search engines.

17. Don’t copy other channels
Avoid copying the channel art, thumbnails, title, description and tags of other channels. Instead try to use your own unique voice and graphics to make your channel stand out from millions of others.

18. Lack of promotion
Don’t expect your video to go viral just by uploading it to your channel. Make sure you share it on your social media sites, embed it on your own website and also join other groups and forums where you can share your videos. Avoid asking sub for sub when commenting on other channels. Most people that do this are only interested in getting a subscriber to their channel but are not interested in your content.

19. Don’t buy subscribers and views
I often receive emails from companies who want me to purchase subscribers and views. YouTube frowns upon this practice and may suspend your channel so it’s not worth the risk. If you want to go the paid route, then it’s best to create an AdWords for video campaign which Google approves.

20. Lack of consistency
You won’t generate many views or subscribers if you only upload a video once a month. Try to upload a new video at least once a week on a consistent basis.

21. Not monitoring channel performance
If you don’t know how your videos are performing you won’t know how to improve them. Visit YouTube Analytics to see which videos are performing the best. You’ll be able to see if people are actually watching your videos all the way through, known as retention rate and what keywords they used to find your videos, known as traffic sources.

There you have it.
21 YouTube Mistakes To Avoid And How to Fix Them.

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How To Grow Your YouTube Channel FAST

Do you want to generate free traffic on autopilot?

Over 4 billion YouTube videos are viewed every day and YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. So if you want to generate traffic to your product or business FAST you definitely should be using YouTube.

Here are 16 quick tips on how to grow your YouTube Channel FAST

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1. Be passionate about your niche
If you’re not excited about the niche that you’re making videos for you’ll soon lose interest and motivation. Sometimes you won’t feel like making new videos so choose a niche that sustains your interest.

2. Create a list of video topics your audience wants to watch
One way to find out what your audience likes is to use the auto-suggest feature from YouTube or Google. When you begin typing a keyword into the search box Google will give you a bunch of suggestions.

3. Set a goal for your channel
Setting a goal for your channel will get you to where you want to go. For example if your goal is to get 10000 subscribers to your channel by the end of the year, then make a plan to upload videos on a regular basis.

4. Create a series of videos around one topic
For example if your seed keyword is dog training, then create
a series of videos that are related to dog training.

4. Create playlists containing related videos
For example a sub topic of dog training may be “how to stop your dog from biting” Place all the videos related to this topic in a playlist so that viewers will continue watching several videos in a row. YouTube rewards videos with high session time which means better rankings.

5. Create engaging videos
YouTube rewards videos that have a high retention rate which means that viewers watch the video all the way through. Therefore create high quality content that people want to watch. Also try to break up the video by using graphics, music and transitions. Adding these elements will help keep the attention of your viewers.

6. Add a strong call to action
If you want to get viewers to subscribe, add an end screen annotation. Don’t just tell viewers to subscribe but give them a reason why they should subscribe.

7. Optimize your videos for search
If you want your videos to be discovered in YouTube or Google search, then make sure you include your main keywords in the title, description and tags. Also upload a transcription of your video content so people who can’t hear or understand what you are saying will be able to grasp your content.

8. Get viewers to watch related videos
YouTube rewards channels where viewers continue watching more of your videos. Therefore add an end screen or annotation that redirects viewers to watch related videos on your channel.

9. Brand your channel
Add a channel banner so it makes it easy for visitors to understand what your channel is all about. Include a description on your about page that encapsulates the content of your entire channel. Also include links on your channel banner that link to your social media sites or your website so people know how to get in touch with you.

10. Organize your channel home page
Organize the different topics or playlists on your channel home page by putting them into sections. This makes it easy for visitors to find more content that they may be interested in.

11. Brand your thumbnails
YouTube displays a thumbnail of your video in the search results. Visitors are more likely to click on an image than a text link. To make your thumbnail stand out from all the other thumbnails on the page include an image of your face or include unique graphics and colors that resemble your channel.

12. Build a community
Your YouTube channel will thrive if you engage with the subscribers and visitors of your channel. Therefore respond to comments by answering questions and referring to other videos that they may be interested in.

13. Promote your videos
Every time you upload a new video make sure you share it on your social media sites, upload it to your own website and also notify your email list of subscribers. You can also extend your audience by re-purposing your video content. For example you can transcribe your video convert it into a PDF file and then upload it to document sharing sites.

14. Be consistent
The more videos you upload the more views and subscribers you’ll receive. Try to keep to a schedule to upload a new video at least once every week. This will motivate subscribers to keep returning to your channel on a regular basis to watch the new content that you’ve produced.

15. Track the performance of your videos
Visit youtube analytics to monitor the retention rate of your videos. If you see that viewers are dropping off at the beginning of your videos, then make your future videos more engaging.

Bonus Tip
You gotta have fun

Have fun by creating videos on topics that you and your audience care about. Experiment with different elements in your videos such as graphics, music and, transitions to improve engagement. You’ll also make many new friends along the way as you engage with your audience.

Let me know in the comments below one of your best
tips that have contributed to the growth of your YouTube channel.

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How To Edit Videos On iMovie App Using Your iPhone

If you don’t want to to be tethered to your computer to edit videos, then download the iMovie App on the iPhone. You can combine different video clips, plus add music, add text, add voice overs and even share it on social media sites. And you can do this all from your iPhone.

Here’s how to edit videos using the iMovie App on your iPhone

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  • Tap the imovie we’ve got video, projects and theater
  • Tap video..shows all the videos on my iPhone
  • Tap projects, then tap the plus sign..we can create a movie or trailer
  • Movie says combine videos, photos and music to make your own movie
  • The trailer says follow a template to create a Hollywood style movie trailer
  • So tap movie and we select our palms, butterfly and the boats.
  • It says we have 3 items
  • Tap “create movie”
  • So if we tap + we can add another video, we can add photos
  • Let’s add a selfie, add this selfie
  • You can add audio..tap theme music..tap bright
  • And we can also do a voice over
  • Tap record “this is my wife and I having fun in the sun at the beach”
  • Tap stop. Tap review..”
  • Tap accept
  • As you can see we have got transitions here so we can tap on a transition
  • We’ve got these different transitions down the bottom
  • We’ve got dissolve that’s automatically put there.
  • We can do slide, wipe or fade.
  • If you want to trim the clip put our finger on the yellow line here and just move it
  • This will shorten the clip.
  • If you want to split a clip, we can use the scissors one down the bottom
  • If you want to add text just tap the’ll get a pop-up
  • Tap done
  • To play it we just tap the play button..”this is my wife and I having fun in the sun at the beach”
  • We can trash the video if we don’t want it..just tap the trash sign
  • Tap save video. This will save it to the iphone..
  • Choose HD 1080p
  • Now it’s exporting the movie to the phone
  • And it says “the movie was exported to your photo library
  • Tap itunes and you can share it to itunes also
  • And tap icloud drive to share it to the iCloud
  • Tap the YouTube app then we can sign in and publish it to YouTube
  • Just enter your title, description and tags
  • Tap message..Ok we exported the movie and we can send a message

That’s it!
Now you know how to edit videos just using
the iMovie App on your iPhone

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How To Make An Automated Subscribe Link On YouTube And Get More Subscribers

Do you want to know how to create automated
subscriptions to your YouTube Channel?

Instead of relying on viewers to click the image in your YouTube video to subscribe to your channel, make a subscribe link to generate automatic subscriptions. When someone clicks on the subscription link a subscription box will automatically appear asking him or her to subscribe to your channel.

Here’s how to make an automated subscribe link for YouTube…

Watch the video below

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Step 1.
Add ?sub_confirmation=1 to end of Channel URL

Add this ?sub_confirmation=1 to notepad or your text edit file
because you are going to add this to the end of your channel URL.

Step 2.
Find your Channel ID

To do this click on the profile icon
Click on the YouTube settings cog icon
Click advanced
Copy your YouTube channel id (UCuLnD8gKwzJOsSbDYm1dxhQ)
Add your channel id to notepad

Step 3.
Replace your channel ID with your own channel ID

Here’s my YouTube Subscribe Link
subscribe link for youtube
Highlight your channel id, copy it and replace channel ID with your own id
Add ?sub_confirmation=1 to the end of the URL

Step 4.
Test that the subscribe link works

Highlight the URL, copy it and paste it in the address bar. The subscription box will automatically pop up asking the viewer to subscribe. When they click on the red subscribe button they’ll be subscribed to your channel.

Step 5.
Add the subscribe link everywhere

Add the YouTube subscribe link to your YouTube description, blog, landing page, Twitter, Facebook, etc. This will help generate more subscribers to your YouTube Channel.

And that’s how you make an automated subscribe link
for YouTube to get more and more subscribers.

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How To Comment On YouTube App (Pros and Cons)

If you want to manage your comments on the go using your iPhone or Android device I highly recommend installing the YouTube App. You’ll have the ability to reply to comments, like, dislike, add hearts, pin a comment to the top or remove the comments.

Here are the step-by-step instructions for 
how to comment using the YouTube App

Watch the video below..

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  • Tap the YouTube app
  • Here’s the home screen
  • Tap library on the home screen
  • Tap my videos
  • Tap on a video, scroll down to see all the comments
  • Tap the like icon to like the comment
  • Tap the dislike icon if I dislike the comment
  • Tap the reply icon to reply to the comment or discard it
  • Tap the heart icon to show you love the comment
  • To reply to a comment just tap on the comment
  • Tap the blue icon to publish the comment

You can also tap these 3 dots icon to reply, iedit your comment, delete the comment or cancel the comment.

If you want to pin your comment to the top, tap the 3 dots icon, and tap the pin icon, you can also remove, report it or cancel the comment. That’s how to comment quickly and easily using the youtube app.

So which app do I recommend for quickly and easily commenting on
videos on the go..the youtube creator studio app or the youtube app?

If I tap on the youtube creator studio app, go straight to my dashboard I can tap the menu at the top and tap comments to see all my list of new comments.

If I want to reply to comments on any of my videos, just tap the menu icon, tap videos. I can just tap on a video, scroll down to the bottom, then reply to a comment.

If I tap the youtube app icon, tap library, then I have to tap on one of the videos, scroll down to the bottom to find the comment, then tap the icon to reply to the comment. However I can also tap the heart icon to say I love the comment.

PROS & CONS of Commenting on YouTube Creator Studio App
The PROS of the youtube creator studio app is that it’s faster to comment because you can view the list of comments or you can comment on a specific video.

One disadvantage is that you don’t see the heart icon so you can’t love the comment however
you can still reply to the comment.

PROS & CONS of Commenting on YouTube App
The PROS of the YouTuube app is that it also contains the heart icons so you can love a comment.

The disadvantage of the YouTube App is that you can’t reply as quickly to a comment for a specific video.
You also don’t get a list of recent comments.

My recommendation is to use the YouTube Creator Studio App
to manage your youtube comments on the go.

If you want an app for quickly shooting videos, plus reply to comments, use the YouTube App. You also can quickly record a video just by tapping on the camera icon, then tap record.

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How To Comment On YouTube Using The Creator Studio App

Do you want to know how to respond and filter YouTube
comments and messages from your mobile phone?

Do you want get notified on the go when you
receive a comment from one of your videos on YouTube?

The YouTube Creator Studio App allows you to easily manage your youtube channel on the go. You’ll be able to check your latest stats, respond to comments, and receive notifications from anywhere as long as your have your mobile phone on you.

Here’s how to comment on the YouTube Creator Studio App

Watch the video below

  • So here’s the studio app icon
  • You can download this from the app store by clicking the app store icon
  • Then just do a search “youtube creator studio” and here it is.
  • Tap the studio app icon
  • Here’s the dashboard
  • Tap the menu icon
  • Tap comments and here you see all my comments from all the different videos
  • So just tap a comment
  • You can like the comment
  • I can report spam
  • I can delete the comment
  • I can hide the comment and future comments from this person
  • Reply to the comment just tap add or reply..put your comment in there and tap the blue icon

What if you want to moderate comments for a specific video?

  • Tap videos
  • Select the video that you wish to comment on..tap this one
  • Scroll down to the comments
  • Tap view more if you have a lot of comments
  • Tap the comment
  • And here you can like the comment, flag the comment, delete the comment or hide the comment.
  • If you want to add a reply just tap add a reply
  • Tap the blue icon to publish it

How do you turn comment notifications on or off?

  • Tap settings
  • Under notifications you have comments..all
  • Tap the drop down
  • All says get notification for each comment
  • Important..get notifications for important comments
  • None..turn off notifications for all comments
  • If you want to be notified via push notifications move the slider to the right
  • You can also read notifications or reply to comments by tapping the top right of the screen
  • At the top right here you’ve got a notification counter which is currently zero and this shows how many comment notifications you currently have.

What if you want to manage the comments from another channel?

  • To switch channels just tap the drop down icon
  • Select the channel you want to comment on
  • Here’s the dashboard
  • Tap the menu icon
  • Tap comments and here are all your comments
  • Want to check individual videos..tap videos and select the video

Now you know how to comment on your mobile phone
using the YouTube Creator Studio App.

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YouTube Online Video Editor Pros And Cons

Did you know that you can edit a video on YouTube without
affecting it’s views, comments or rankings?

This means you can trim any of your old videos, save the original URL and get it re-indexed by Google. You can also create multiple versions of the same video without even leaving YouTube.

The YouTube video editor saves you time and money because it’s easy to learn, you don’t have to purchase expensive software and the video can be edited right on YouTube for free.

Here are the Pros and Cons of using
YouTube’s Online Video Editor

Watch the video below


  • Saves time and money because it’s free and easy to use
  • Ability to trim your can trim the beginning,
    end or even cut out a middle section
  • Ability to remix and reuse cc video can take your creative commons video clip then remix and reuse it to create your own commercial video
  • Ability to create multiple versions of the same video..say you want to create multiple versions of the same video from nearby cities. Instead of wasting time using your desktop video editing software you can do it quickly and easily using the youtube video editor.
  • Ability to add can change the look and feel of your video
    by adding different effects such as changing it to black and white.
  • Ability to add transitions..create smooth transitions between video clips
    by using crossover or crossfade transitions.
  • Ability to add creative commons images or creative commons can use these elements to enhance the quality of your videos online.
  • Ability to combine videos..bundle several video clips together to create your own unique video. Trim the videos to include your best scenes, select the music track from the audio library, drag it down to the timeline, add a few transitions between the video clips and then save it as a brand new video.


  • The YouTube editor is a basic video editor so you
    can’t do many fancy things.
  • Unable to add your own music but you can use the audio tracks from youtube’s audio library without copyright infringement.
  • Unable to overlay graphics but you can graphics to the beginning or end of your video
  • Unable to overlay text but you can add the text slide to the beginning or end of your video
  • Unable to combine video clips without creating a new video. You can combine several video clips together then save it as a new video.

As you can see there are a few limitations to the youtube video editor. I highly recommend using YouTube’s free online video editor If you want to quickly and easily make your own video or trim a video that’s already been uploaded.

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How To Edit Videos On YouTube After Upload

Want to quickly edit a YouTube video online without losing views or rankings?
Want to trim the end of a video you’ve already uploaded?

The YouTube video editor saves you a ton of time because it’s easy to learn,
processes videos quickly and best of all it’s free.

Here are 10 different ways to edit your videos online
using the YouTube video editor.

Watch the video below…

1. Trim your video
Perhaps you shot some raw footage from your cell phone and want to clean it up online instead of wasting time editing it in your desktop editing software. The YouTube editor allows you to quickly trim the beginning or end of your video online.

2. Remove the middle section of a video online
Perhaps you want to remove a scene that appears in the middle of your video instead of creating a brand new video. Quickly remove the section online with YouTube’s video editor.

3. Add special effects
If you want to enhance the look and feel of your video online use the editor to make your video darker or lighter, adjust the contrast, stabilize shaky footage or even change your video to black and white.

4. Include transitions
When combining video clips on the timeline, you can smooth out the transition between the clips using crossfade, crossblur or cross color.

5. Add an end slide to a video clip
Want to make a quick commercial video for a local business? Drag a CC video clip onto the timeline then trim the end of the video. Now add a text slide that includes the phone number and website address of the business.

6. Add a soundtrack
YouTube includes a huge library of free sound tracks to use in your videos without worrying about copyright infringement. Simply choose a song and add it to the audio track of your video. The original audio of your video will remain plus you can adjust the balance for best quality.

7. Rotate your video clips
Perhaps you shot a video with your phone in the vertical position so it’s got black curtains on both sides. Use the rotate tool in the YouTube editor to rotate it to landscape.

8. Combine multiple video clips
Bundle several video clips together to make your own unique video online. Trim the videos to include the best scenes then drag them onto the timeline. Add a fun audio track, a few transitions and you’ve created a brand new video in minutes.

9. Create multiple versions of the same video
Perhaps you want to test several different keywords to see which one will rank before spending hours creating your final video. Use the YouTube Video editor to quickly make different versions of the same video. Just create a new project for each version then check which one ranks first.

10. Remix Creative Commons (CC) videos
CC videos are freely available to YouTube users to reuse, even commercially, in their own videos using the YouTube Video Editor.

That’s it!
Now you know 10 ways to edit your videos online
using YouTube’s Online Video Editor.

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