How Does Viral Marketing Work to Generate Website Traffic

viral marketing

Viral marketing refers to information that is passed along from person to person. The internet is a great viral marketing medium because you can distribute your content very quickly to a large audience. It’s similar to a human virus. Think of the swine flu or cold virus that spread quickly if you were in the same room as the person with the virus.

Benefits of viral marketing

The amount of traffic generated to your website will increase in proportion to the number of people your content reaches. The larger your audience the more visitors you’ll receive. Viral promotion strategies may include article marketing, videos, reports, ebooks, affiliates, images or simply writing compelling content.

Article marketing: an example of how to generate traffic with viral marketing

When marketing products on the Net lots of content is constantly needed to build backlinks, increase search engine rankings and provide material for your website visitors. Your customers are what keep you in business so if you take good care of them by giving them valuable content you’ll build long term relationships.

1. Write a compelling article

  • Create a list of keywords using the free WordTracker or Google keyword research tool
  • Create topics based on each keyword
  • Create an attractive headline to draw readers into your article
  • Write several paragraphs containing tips related to your headline
  • Create a resource box that offers a free report as an incentive for visiting your website
  • Include anchor text (hyperlinked keyword) and your full web address in the resource box

2. Submit to article directories

The top article directories receive millions of visitors and are visited daily by the search engines. When you submit your article to them you’ll generate instant and long term traffic. Instant traffic comes from RSS feeds, email alerts and ezine publishers selecting your article for publication. Long term traffic comes from your article appearing in the search engines. This happens because you get a high quality backlink from the directory plus backlinks from other sites that publish your article.

3. Publish on your blog

Publish the article on your blog so visitors can pass it on to others or comment on it. It will also be distributed to your RSS readers through the RSS feed built into your blog.

4. Use social media

Use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn to notify potential readers about your new article. Add social bookmarking icons to your website or blog for visitors to easily bookmark your content.

5. Repurpose your articles

Convert your articles to videos, podcasts, short reports and ebooks. Use video sharing sites (e.g. YouTube), podcast and ebook directories to spread your content virally.

Viral marketing through writing and distributing content, creates a snowball affect that can generate traffic to your website instantly and continuously for many years to come.

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Link Building – Top 7 viral marketing strategies

How to Use Articles for Link Building
Link building is a necessity if you want your web site to increase or maintain rankings in the search engines. Even though you may currently enjoy your first page rankings, don’t get too comfortable because competing web sites may have link building campaigns running. Suddenly you may lose your position.

Instead of looking for new links everyday use viral marketing. This means people link to your web site automatically without you manually searching for them all the time.

Top 7 viral marketing strategies:

1. Create valuable content

Web site owners and newsletter publishers are always looking for unique content that offers great value to their readers. If you create a well written article it will keep working for you over and over again. People will automatically want to link ot it. One great article can become a viral marketing machine.

2. Create short reports

Bundle several of your articles into a report of 10-25 pages. Be sure to include links to your products and/or web site. Offer the report to your newsletter subscribers and/or offer it to other publishers or website owners. Submit it to ebook directories. By freely distributing your report you you create a viral affect.

3. Build a team of affiliates

You’ve probably been an affiliate for a clickbank or commission junction product. You automatically help build links for the product owner by promoting their product. Why not do the same for your own products and create a team of affiliates. The number of links (and sales) will increase in proportion to the number of affiliates on your team.

4. Write a press release

Convert one of your well written articles to a press release then distribute it to free and paid press release sites. If you’re a local business send it to local radio and newspaper outlets. You not only get high value liinks from these sites but it helps generate traffic by people finding out about you.

6. Social media

Employing social media sites such as twitter, facebook, youtube and social bookmarking sites your content goes viral. Instead of spending time getting one link at a time you can generate 100s of links with social media.

7. Article directories

The top article directories receive millions of visitors every week. If you constantly write and submit fresh articles to them they will continue to generate backlinks for you. This occurs because you are allowed 2 links in the resource box at the end of your article. When your articles get published all over the Web you have a link building machine that works for you every day hands free.

Start your link building campaign today by using one or all of these techniques. You’ll attract more visitors and increase search engine rankings.

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