Thrive Headline Optimizer Case Study And Demo – How To Automatically Test 2 Different Blog Post Headlines

So after you’ve installed and activated the plugin you can go to your WordPress dashboard to view your headline stats or test different headlines for a new blog post.

Click on thrive dashboard and you’ll see the icon of the thrive headline optimizer. If I want to view the stats of my case study I can go to my post and here’s the post that I did. So if I click “edit” then I ca easily see the engagement rate of both my headlines..”thrive headline optimizer review” 42.86%.

And my other headline “get more attention, more clicks,
more comments on autopilot” got 45%.

And here I’ve also got the reports.
I’ve got views 27
Engagements 12
Engagement rate 44.44%

I can also get more details by clicking on “details” and I can see the number of clicks, scrolls, and time on the site and engagement rate.

I can also get see the graph of the report there
I can also look at my test
Here are the 2 headlines that I tested for this post…
I can also view these stats in my thrive dashboard.

So go to thrive dashboard
Click on the thrive headline optimizer
It shows the number of views, engagements. and engagement rate.

Here are my 2 headlines, date that it started, number of views,
number of engagements and the engagement rate.

If I want to test any of my headlines of all my posts I can just click “add new.”

So here are all the headlines of all my blog posts so I can add all of them which would be 1123 or I can just add 1. So I just click on the first one and that will be added to my test.

If I go to settings I can see the content engagement settings so I can turn this on or off. It says…”When this is enabled we will track the number
of views and clicks that this headline gets on this site

Scrolling can be on or off…”Count visitors as engaged
when they scroll 30% down the page

Time on the content signal..”count visitors as engaged
when their visit duration is 78 seconds or longer.”

To test your headlines just go to your posts.
I’ve got a draft I just click on “edit’

And here is my first headline and here is my second headline
that I wish to test against the first one.

So if I want to add a new one I just click “Add new headline”
and then I just put in my new headline.

Then after I’ve published the post and get some traffic it will
automatically find the winner out of these 2 headlines.

Get the thrive headline optimizer NOW at:
You’ll get more attention, more clicks
and more comments on autopilot

Common Internet Marketing Mistakes Made By Small Business Owners

Being a small business owner means that you will have to learn how to be good at managing every facet of your business. Many new small business owners have a hard time deciding which tasks that they can handle themselves and which ones they need to let a professional handle. One of the most important parts of your business is the internet marketing that you do and this marketing needs to be done by a professional. By hiring professionals to provide SEO friendly website design , tips‏ you will be able to avoid common mistakes. The following are a few of the most common mistakes made by a small business owner in regards to their internet marketing.

Post once and forget it

Among the biggest mistakes that is made by a small business owner in regards to their internet marketing is their lack of motivation to post regularly on social media. The last thing that a small business owner wants to do is to post one time on social media and then forget about it. This will do them no good and will show the public that you are not interested in going that extra mile in order to keep them informed.

Lack of Informative Content

Another common mistake that is made by a small business owner is a lack of relevant and quality content on their website. You want to make sure that you are providing your customers with informative content that is relative to the industry that you are in. You want to show them that you are both educated and knowledgeable in your industry because this will only help to reinforce your brand. The more you can teach your audience, the better off you will be in the long run when it comes to keeping them interested.

No Keywords Used

Yet another mistake that is commonly made by a small business owner is a lack of keywords in their content. The only way that the major search engines will be able to find you is by looking for keyword rich content. By not putting relevant keywords in the content that you have, you will be missing the boat when it comes to getting the attention that you want from the search engines. This will lead to a decline in the traffic that you have to your website.

The help that a professional will be able to provide can take a business’s marketing efforts to the next level. Researching the marketers in an area is the only way to make the right decision.

Profit Canvas Review | All-In-One Web-Based Page Creator Builds Pages Anywhere At Anytime

Let me ask you a question…do you want to quickly and easily build web pages without installing WordPress or paying high priced monthly fees (e.g. Lead Pages, Click Funnels)?

Well, now you can with Profit Canvas Software because it’s web-based and after you’ve built your pages you can host them for free on their servers.

Here’s a quick demonstration of how Profit Canvas
will help your business…

Here’s the demo page I created with the software

Here are some of the top benefits
1. Saves time
You can build a nice looking landing page, squeeze page or opt-in page within 30 minutes. Compare this to installing WordPress with it’s 100s of files, plugins and constant security issues (because its used my millions).

2. Ease of use
To build a beautiful page you just have to drag and drop the elements on the page. You can also move any of the elements on the page by just dragging them to their correct position.

3. Create professional-looking pages
You have 75 ready-to-go templates to choose from and you can easily modify them to suit your business. The built-in dashboard enables you to easily add buttons, widgets, text, images, paypal buttons, clip art, videos, opt-in forms, etc.

4. Multiple ways to host your pages
After you’ve finished creating your page you can use the URL the software to host unlimited pages for free on their servers. A second option is to copy the iframe code and insert it into a blank page. The third option is to download the zipped files and upload them to your own server using your own domain.

Here’s what’s included with Profit Canvas…
(The page builder is only one small component)

* Add lower third call-to-actions on any video
* Redirect any video to where ever you want
* Add an opt-in form to any video
* Add A PayPal / JVZoo Buy button within any video
* Include a countdown timer within any video.
* Create live webinar pages (integrates with Google Hangouts)
* Add beautiful pop-ups to any website
* Step-by-step video training (40 video tutorials)
* Unlimited resell rights to 4 great products
* Free Lifetime Hosting of your pages

Who is it for?

  • Internet Marketers
  • Website Designers
  • Product Creators
  • Anyone who wants to start a business from scratch
  • Local Marketers who need to advertise their business
  • Mobile Marketers who want to build mobile friendly pages
    for their customers

Here’s a price comparison of the 3 most popular web page builders


click funnels pricing


lead pages pricing


optimize press pricing

Click here to get Profit Canvas Now at:

Here are 7 ways I’m using Profit Canvas right now
1. Testing different opt-in squeeze pages
2. Create landing pages for YouTube Video Ads
3. Create quick review pages to promote affiliate products
4. Create bonus pages for promoting affiliate offers
5. Adding pop-up buttons and opt-in forms on my videos
6. Using the free software products to build my list of subscribers
7. Accessing the video tutorials when I need to brush up my marketing

Here are a couple of limitations I found when using the software..
1. If I make a mistake (ie spelling) I’m unable to revert back to the original text.
2. Unable to clone text or images I want to reuse on the same page.

My Recommendation
I’ve been a professional web designer since 2000 when I coded web pages manually. It took many hours to create a simple page. Later on I started using Front Page then Dreamweaver design software for creating websites for local businesses. Now I primarily use WordPress to create full scale websites and use Profit Canvas for building landing pages, squeeze pages, bonus pages, etc.

The beauty of Profit Canvas is you’ve got all the tools you need to run a business online such as creating and marketing a profitable product.

Click here to get Profit Canvas Now at:

How To Add A Lightbox Video Gallery To WordPress

So I spent hours trying to find a WordPress Plugin that would display my YouTube videos as a gallery on my web page. Most of the free ones added a watermark plus had limited features. Finally I came across a great plugin called Huge-IT Video Gallery.

Here are the 5 options of the HugeIT Video Gallery Plugin:

content-pop-up1. Content Pop-up
If you click on any of the videos in the gallery it will show a video with the content next to it.

2. Content Video Slider
If you click on the arrow at the bottom of each slide it will show the next video.
content video slider

lightbox video gallery3. Lightbox Video Gallery
If you click on any one of the videos in the gallery a lightbox will pop-up and if you go to the bottom here you can just scroll through the different videos in the gallery.

video slider4. Video Slider
If you click on the arrow at the bottom of the video it show the next video.

lightbox video gallery5. Thumbnail Gallery
So if you click on any of the thumbnail images then a lightbox pops up and you can scroll through them by clicking the arrow at the bottom.

Here are the steps to create a Lightbox Video Gallery on WordPress

Watch the video below…

  • Log into your WordPress dashboard
  • Go down to plugins
  • Click add new
  • In the search box search Huge-It Video Gallery
  • Click install now and it will display “video gallery” in the dashboard
  • Click video gallery
  • Click “add new video gallery”
  • Select from the different options ie Thumbnails view, Lightbox Video Gallery, Video Slider, content video slider and video gallery content pop-up.
  • Select “lightbox video gallery”
  • Start adding videos…so just click “Add Video”
  • Go to your YouTube channel and select a video
  • Highlight the URL then copy and paste it into top and bottom fields
  • Add the title and description of your video
  • Click insert video slide
  • Continue adding more videos until you’ve created your gallery
  • After you’ve added the videos select the option “lightbox video gallery”
  • Click “save” to save the gallery you’ve created
  • Highlight the short code then copy it (ctrl+c)
  • Go to my pages, all pages, sample page, edit
  • Copy and paste the short code into the page
  • Make sure you’re in in text mode not visual mode
  • Click update or publish
  • Click view page to view the lightbox video gallery
  • If you click on any one of the videos a lightbox will pop-up
  • You can scroll through all the videos by clicking the arrow down at the bottom of the video

That’s it!
Now you know how to Add A Lightbox Video Gallery On WordPress. I just demonstrated the free version however the paid option has many more features.

Click the link below to get the Huge-It Video Gallery Plugin NOW!

Landing Page Monkey Review – Create Stunning, High Converting Landing Pages On The Fly Using Web-based Software

The video below is a review of landing page monkey…web-based software
that allows you to build landing pages on the fly.

Click here to get Landing Page Monkey NOW!

Here’s a landing page that I created within a few minutes…

Here are some of the top features of Landing Page Monkey:

  • It’s web-based so you can build landing pages anywhere at anytime as long as you have wi-fi
  • There’s no coding needed…you just click a few buttons and preview your creation
  • It’s mobile responsive so your landing page will look good on any device
  • There’s no yearly fees for example lead pages costs $477.00 per year whereas landing page monkey only costs a one time fee
  • It hosts all the pages for you so there are no hosting fees
  • You can use stunning video backgrounds which increase click through rates

Let’s take inside the members area of landing
page monkey to create a squeeze page.

  • Click “create page”
  • Step 1. Page styling
  • Give your landing page a name you’ve got “test 1” here
  • Give it a background color
  • Add background end color
  • Box animation you’ve got different box animations here
  • Page background color
  • Background image…one of the bonuses includes 100 background images
  • You can also use a video for your background
  • Simply upload the background to YouTube then place your URL in the box
  • Get a button background
  • Change the button text color
  • You can also link to a URL
  • You’ve got a submit button text
  • Step 2 page content
  • You can add your own logo
  • You can embed your own video here
  • Put your embed code in the box
  • You can enter headline text bold, italisize or underline
  • You’ve got sub-headline text
  • You can edit your main text
  • Step 3 You’ve got Autoresponder Integration
  • Enter your autoresponder code in the box here
  • Once you’re done click “preview” to preview your page
  • Click “save” to save your page then download the html
  • You can copy the link
  • You can also copy and paste the tracking pixel to put on your final confirmation page
  • You can also export the landing page and you can share your page on social media accounts
  • You also have the ability to track your stats
  • You can clone your page
  • You can edit your page

Here’s a landing page I created within a few minutes…

My favorite feature is that I can build
high converting landing pages on the fly.

Grab your copy of landing page monkey now so you can build high converting landing pages no matter where you are at the beach or at home.

Click the link below this video to get landing page monkey now

Web Design Trends for 2014 – Top 12

website design

  • Does your current website need to a redesign?
  • Do your web pages display correctly across all devices including mobile phones?
  • Are you using multimedia to increase users engagement with your content?

Web Design has changed dramatically since I began designing websites professionally in 2000. Back then I primarily coded every page manually in html and didn’t have to worry if it could be viewed correctly on mobile devices.

Nowadays, I design most of my websites using a content management system (CMS) like WordPress which utilizes responsive design (adjusts to any screen size)and can be easily updated from a backend administration panel.

Here are the Top 12 web design trends for 2014
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How To Build A Community Website With BuddyPress

buddies dogs

BuddyPress provides a great place to meet and become buddies

  • Do you want to build an online community similar to Facebook except on your own domain?
  • Do you want members to register and have their details automatically remembered?
  • Do you want members to interact with each other in a private or public setting?

Recently I was asked to build a social networking (community) website for an organization so new members could register, interact between each other and also create their own groups based on their interests.

Although WordPress in a great content management system (CMS) which enables anyone to register and remember their login details, it doesn’t contain social networking features by default. The solution is to install and configure the BuddyPress Plugin.

What Can BuddyPress Do For You?
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My Top 12 Free WordPress Plugins Every User Needs

wordpress plugins

WordPress has become a popular target for hackers due to it’s increasing popularity for building and managing small business websites. It’s very difficult to restore your site if it get’s shut down as a result of security flaws. Besides installing security plugins there are other “must have” plugins to make your site easier to manage.

Here’s a list of the Top 12 Plugins
I currently use based on their purpose:
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Hire A Web Designer To Build Your Site: Top 7 Benefits

maryland web designer

Even though it may be tempting build your own website, in many cases hiring a professional web designer to do it for you makes more sense. Rather than wasting your time creating a mediocre site, spend a little bit of money upfront and get a high quality, custom website that accurately represents your business.

Here are the top 7 benefits of hiring a professional web designer:

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Responsive Web Design: What Is It and What Are Its Benefits?

StudioPress Theme of the Month

No longer are people just accessing websites from desktop computers. With the explosion of smartphones and tablets people are now surfing the web from a multitude of different devices. They want to have access to information from anywhere at anytime. This means website owners must create a mobile version of their current desktop website if they wish to appeal to a wide audience. If not they’re missing out on sales and or subscribers.

What is Responsive Web design?

Often referred to as RWD, it’s where your website layout adapts to the viewing environment whether it is a desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone. For example the Boston Globe is a good example of a responsive website that can be displayed on multiple devices.

Here is an overview of Google’s recommendations

1. Google recommends webmasters follow the industry best practice of using responsive Web design, namely serving the same HTML for all devices and using only CSS media queries to decide the rendering on each device.

2. If responsive design is not the best option to serve your users, Google supports serving your content using different HTML. The different HTML can be on the same URL (a setup called dynamic serving) or on different URLs, and Googlebot can handle both setups appropriately if you follow our setup recommendations.

Top 7 benefits of responsive web design

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