Article Marketing – Why Writing More Articles Increases Web Traffic

Article marketing is one of the best methods to generate traffic to your web site. Ezine publishers are constantly looking for quality content that helps subscribers market their business. A well written article will attract visitors for many years if it gets published all over the Web. If lots of web site owners link to it, it can even appear on the first page of search engine results.

Success depends on the volume of articles written

You can’t expect to receive lots of visitors to your web site by writing a few articles. Many folks conclude article marketing doesn’t work because they submitted a few articles and the number of visits to their web site did not increase.

You need to write and submit at least 25 articles to get a trickle of traffic, then continue writing more articles to increase the flow of traffic. You’ll find the volume of articles you write and submit is proportional to the amount of traffic you receive.

Make a plan to write a set number of articles over a period of time. Monitor the number of visits you receive to your web site from the site statistics of your web hosting service. It will increase each week as you consistently add more articles.

If your stats go from 10 visits/day to 100 visits/day you will begin to sell more products. If not, review the call to action in your article resource box and the content of your sales page.

Test each aspect of your marketing process to improve conversion rates.

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Herman Drost is the Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW)
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