The Best SEO Practice For Ranking Your Youtube Video

Want to know how to rank your YouTube video and get a huge number of subscriptions and views?

If yes, you are just on the right page.

Read on to learn everything about YouTube SEO.

We all know the fact that right after Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine on the planet. YouTube generates more than 92 billion views on its pages every month. It also provides direct traffic to a lot of blogs and websites.

It is a platform where 400 hours of videos are added in each minute.

YouTube provides some awesome ways to monetize your content in the video.

If your content gets enough likes, you can make a significant amount of money from your YouTube video.

However, uploading a video is not enough to get views on YouTube, unless you are a big brand or celebrity.

There are some effective ways you can rank your YouTube videos to rank higher on the YouTube search engine.

Just like your content, YouTube videos also need to be SEO optimized.

Now, we are going to discuss about the best YouTube SEO tips that are foolproof for 2019.

1. The Title of The Video Content- Use Keyword

The title is how people will know what your content is all about. If the title of your video perfectly matches to the content, it will be viewer-friendly and good for the YouTube’s video ranking algorithm.

One of the best ways optimizing your content based on what people are searching is using the auto-complete feature of YouTube or Google.

Here you can see above that I have typed the keyword “best seo tips 2019” and Google begins to suggest the more relevant keywords that are in trend.

So, you can use the auto-complete feature to come up with more keyword ideas.

Now, you can use the keyword to create a meaningful title.

2. Description Of The Video:

It is really important to write a good description of your video content. The first few lines play a major role in your video’s ranking in the search engine. You can also use the search engine’s auto-complete feature in this step also. If the searched keyword matches the first two lines of your
description, your video is more likely to get a good ranking on the search engine.

In the above screenshot, you can see that my search keyword is matching with the video description which is in first two lines. Using long tail keyword as your video description is a great idea as it improves the chance of getting higher rank significantly.

When you are writing the description for your video, make sure you take enough time to come up with a good description that matches the keyword.

3. Name Your Video File Wisely:
You are done with creating and editing your video file. It is now ready to be uploaded in YouTube but, you have named it as movoe001.avi or random_name.mp4, make sure you rename your video with your_keyword.mp4.

When you name your video with the targeted keyword, it helps search engine know what your video is all about. Search Engine indexes your video quickly when it is named with the keyword.

So never forget to put your keyword in your video name.

4, Use Search Data To Optimize Your Video Properly:
This is the most effective tool for optimizing your YouTube video.

Go to Head over to Now click on Analytics and head to the Top Videos section

Now, you can see the page as given below

Now select the video that you want to optimize and this will come up with the analytics page for your selected video.

Now click on the “Traffic Source” and select YouTube search.

This particular page shows all the queries that people are using to find your video. Now, you should optimize the title, description and tags of your video based on the queries.

Consider these queries as keywords and optimize your video accordingly.

5. Encourage People To Subscribe To Your Video:
Your video has no value in YouTube without any views or subscriptions. So, make it work by reaching your video to the target audience and encourage them to subscribe to your channel.

Building a strong list of subscribers efficiently increases the chances of ranking higher on the search engine as it shows that you have an engaged community.

Now, the question is -how do you get people to subscribe to your channel? Start with asking for it. Make sure you are using Call To Action words in your video description.

You can also ask people to subscribe to your channel outside the YouTube by adding a widget to your website design.

6. Use The Closed Caption Feature:

You might have already found “CC” in many YouTube videos. It stands for Closed Caption, a crucial SEO tool for YouTube videos. It is a text overlay or transcription of the video. It appeals to a large number of audience as they can watch your video with more ease, irrespective of the surrounding. CC helps you reach higher engagement rate in terms of like, comments, shares and subscribers.

7. Tagging and Good Keyword Research For Your Videos
Tags are another efficient ways to rank your video higher on YouTube search engine. When it comes to putting tags in your videos, you should follow these tips

Write your main keyword first.
List general tags

You can use the online keyword finding tools that help you find the right keywords for your video.

Misspell your tags. For example, if you have a keyword like YouTube video SEO, you can use youtube video SEO. Go to the analytics and see how people are searching for your video.

Use singular and plural forms of your tags. If your keyword is Tattoo Design, you should use Tattoo Designs also.

Break your keyword into separated tags like Tattoo and Design.

Keyword Research For Your YouTube Video:

Getting the keyword idea is the most crucial part of your SEO campaign for YouTube video.

Google has two tools for you- keyword planner and display planner.

When it comes to finding more relevant keywords, using display planner would be a right choice.

The best part of using display planner is that it not only gives you a hug number of keywords, it also provides great insight on the searched keyword.

8. Publish A High Retention Video:
When it comes to ranking your video, you must keep people watching it.
The amount of time people watch your video is known as Audience Retention.

No wonder Audience Retention is a huge ranking factor.

9. Add Interesting Thumbnails:
If you have been using YouTube’s auto-generated thumbnails, it’s time to change your ways.

Your thumbnail is the first visual element which influences the decision of your audience to view your video. So, the thumbnail should be interesting enough to grab the attention of your audience. Instead of depending on auto- generated boring thumbnail, start using customized thumbnail which are more interesting.

It is always a smart idea to show close-up of human faces as it strikes the human attention in a best manner and show engaging content to get more clicks.

You can also use your brand logo on the thumbnail but make sure it is not overshadowing your thumbnail.

So, now you might have become familiar with these highly effective and result-oriented YouTube SEO tips, and it’s time to start implementing these tips and see the improvement within a very short span of time.

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