The Importance of a Website For Your Business

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The writing is on the wall for business owners still using print advertising to market their products and services. Most people now search the Net from their computers or cell phones to find a local or national business. It’s easier, faster and often more accurate plus you also receive listings from businesses that never could afford a yellow page ad.

7 Reasons to Build a Website for Your Business

1. Accessibility

Customers can easily find your business online at any time, from anywhere (as long as they have an internet connection). For example smart phone users can instantly view your products and services while in the car, plane, restaurant or even while walking around town.

2. Provide unlimited information

A website allows you to display your products and services using text, photos, video and audio (podcasts). You can add as many pages as you like plus edit the information at any time.

3. Inexpensive

A website will lower your advertising costs. For example a yellow page ad costs you 1000s of dollars and you can’t edit the information once the ad is published. The initial cost of your site may be $1000.00 or more depending on it’s size and complexity but your maintenance costs will be very small ( only yearly domain name registration and web hosting).

4. Interactivity

These days customers want to interact with your business before making a purchase. Ways to add interactivity to your website may include adding a Forum, Blog, RSS Feed, Contact form, Newsletter, Twitter, Facebook, Videos, Podcasts or Chat box. For example a Blog enables visitors to leave comments to your posts. You can answer their questions by replying to their comments.

5. Not limited by geographical areas

Your website can be found locally, nationally and even worldwide if it is marketed to those areas. If you want it to appeal to different countries you can even translate it into different languages.

6. Attract a wide audience

A website can attract 1000s or even millions of visitors if marketed nationally or worldwide. This is in sharp contrast to a yellow page add which only serves your local area. Attracting a wider audience generates more sales thus making your business more profitable.

7. Market to a targeted audience

If you use Google AdWords you can create online ads that target customers according to a geographic area, time and day. For example if you know your product only sells on Saturday nights in a specific town your ad can be targeted for those parameters.

Now that you understand the importance of building a website for your business, make a plan for your website needs and how you will market it. Discuss your plans with a professional web designer before hiring him/her to design it.

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  13. Delphia…I recommend starting with Google AdWords to receive immediate and targeted traffic. Create 2 ads that include your best keywords and direct them to your web page(s). Make sure you keep split testing 2 ads to see which ad gets the most clicks. Repeat this process until you get a high conversion rate. Once you know what keywords and copy convert well use them in other marketing strategies ie article marketing, ezine ads, etc.

    Let me know if you need help with Google AdWords, SEO and/or article marketing.

    Best Wishes

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  15. Alanna Lachut says

    I can identify with this because I also have about 100 niche blogs and sites and I only make about $300/mo from all of them combined. I’ve been at this for 8 years and I have known for a long time that I am spread too thin. However, I have also been looking for what method of making money online that I like the most and suits me best. I’ve tried everything. I have found that I enjoy building blogs and d9ing keyword research. I hate the amount of time I spend online doing this though. I hate writing articles but I outsource this. But if I had it to do all over again after countless hours spent, thousands of dollars spent, and trying everything under the online sun…I would say just stick to 1 website and build it with more content and especially backlinks for several years.

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