Top 10 Online Business Ideas for Kids

In my last article I discussed the benefits of your kid starting an online business. This article will give you 10 ideas to get your creative juices going.

1. Help with repetitive tasks of parent’s online business

As a parent who has run a web design and marketing business for the last 8 years, I have many repetitive tasks that I would willingly have my teenage son do for a small hourly wage. I not only have an employee I trust, but save money by not hiring a professional marketer plus my child benefits by earning money for himself. Don’t worry, your kids don’t need any credentials. Just give them the easy tasks.

Here are some tasks you could pass on to your child:

*Submitting articles to article directories
*Link building
*Simple updates to customers’ web sites
*Blog posting
*Writing and submitting articles

2. Blogging

If your child has a passionate interest in something why not get them to blog about it and make money from adsense ads. It could be their favorite video game, sport or hobby. Blogs are one of the easiest web sites to set-up, and search engines index them quickly.

Get your child to add content to his blog at least 3 times a week. After 30 or so blog posts add adsense ads to each post so he can begin making money from the blog. It won’t make him rich overnight however he can easily make a dollar a day and more as he adds more content on a consistent basis.

3. Affiliate programs

Large companies use affiliate programs to market their products. By becoming an affiliate you receive a commission every time you sell one of their products. Visit the clickbank market place to find an affiliate product to promote. They offer up to 75% commissions.

Research information about the product on the Internet (if you know nothing about it) then write a review page for it on your blog. Introduce the product at the end of your content and include the affiliate link.

4. Online research

Many online marketers don’t have time to research new content for their web sites. Your kid can offer their time to do research and get paid for it by the hour. I’d suggest setting up a web site that offers all the services your kid offers.

5. Online store

Creating an online store enables you to sell any number of products. There are companies that will offer their affiliates a free store to sell their products. All you have to do is market the store by driving traffic to it and you earn a commission. For example Ebay and Amazon are 2 large companies which allow you to create an affiliate store and sell their products.

6. Sell products on Ebay

I have a nephew which builds outdoor furniture from free wood he gets from an orchard owner. He then sells the furniture on ebay. When he needs more money he just makes more furniture.

You can do the same with someone elses products by offering to sell it for them. Some folks go to garage sales to purchase inexpensive items then sell it for profit on ebay.

7. Writing articles

If your kid has a good writing style they can offer their services to online firms who are often looking for good content writers. I suggest creating a small portfolio of essays they’ve written for English classes so potential clients can instantly view how good their writing skills are.

8. Create online presentations

Creating power point presentations for school projects are very common these days. Businesses spend a lot of time and money putting these together. Your child can become a virtual assistant online by offering to create these.

9. Create videos

Online videos are very popular because they engage visual and auditory sense of visitors. Businesses use video blogs, video sales pages, video squeeze pages to promote their products online. It takes a bit of a learning curve to create a good video and time to submit a video to all the video sharing sites. If your kid is experienced in creating videos he/she can use the skill to make money.

10. Write a short report

Throughout your kid’s school life they always have to write essays or do a report on a project. They can use this expertise to create their own report on a subject they are passionate about then sell it online for profit. The report can only has to be 7-20 pages long. It should only contain content people can use, not a lot of fluff.

After creating the report, build a small web site containing the sales page and graphic of the report then market it on social marketing sites, blogs and forums. The key to making a profit from the report is to find places online where people interested in the topic of your report gather together. This is your target audience.

Whatever online business you choose, make sure it’s built upon your passion. If not, you will soon lose interest and fizzle out.

You never know if your kids part-time hobby will develop into a full-fledged online business.

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  14. “You never know if your kids part-time hobby will develop into a full-fledged online business.”

    I fully agree with that. Even more because there’s a subtle point in it – the whole thing should be *fun* so that a kid does not lose interest before the first results start showing. Let him treat everything as a hobby at the beginning, not as a serious business.

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