Top 7 Benefits Of Creating A Newsletter

Since I started creating a newsletter in the year 2000 I’ve enjoyed making new friends as well as selling my products from time to time. If you are going to offer a newsletter to your subscribers make a firm commitment to send one on a regular basis e.g. weekly or bi-weekly. If it’s not regular you’ll soon lose subscribers and declare the newsletter unsuccessful. Please realize it won’t always be easy to come up with new content however you become more creative as you invest time and energy taking care of your subscribers.

Top 7 benefits of creating a newsletter

1. Build relationships

When I visit a sales page I usually don’t buy the product right away. I often regret it later when buying things on impulse. I’ll make a more informed decision if I take time to research the product first and find out more about the person selling it. Many times the person selling the product has never used it or has no proof that it works. Without building a relationship with potential customers first you’re not going to make many sales. Most people prefer to purchase products from people they trust. A newsletter helps build relationships with your subscriber list because you are providing valuable information to them on a consistent basis.

2. Follow-up

Only a small percentage of people will purchase a product the first time they see it. They are mostly impulse buyers or people who know what they want and it meets their needs or desires. The key to selling a product successfully is to consistently follow-up on your prospects. This can be done with a sequential autoresponder which automatically sends an unlimited number of follow-up messages after people have joined your list. Usually it takes at least 7 follow-up e-mails to generate a sale however some people won’t purchase a product until a year or two later because it fulfils their needs. Creating a newsletter enables you to stay in touch with your prospects over their lifetimes as long as they remain on your list.

3. Market research

Most marketers make the mistake of developing a product based on an idea they fell in love with without doing any market research. They invest a lot of time and money developing and promoting the product only to realize later there was no demand for it. If they had researched the market place first they would have saved a lot of hassles. A quick way to conduct market research is to survey your list of newsletter subscribers. If it’s a responsive list you’ll quickly know if your product is worth developing.

4. Sell products

One newsletter subscriber can be worth a lot of money if they remain on your list because they will usually buy one or more of your products over their lifetime. Of course some people will never buy anything but people who have already bought will often buy again because they trust your advice.

5. Show your expertise

You’ll be recognized as an expert in your niche if you constantly provide valuable content your subscribers can use to help build their business. A newsletter is a great place to showcase your articles and introduce new products. You can also provide answers to frequently asked questions.

6. Sell advertising

You can make money by running small ads in your newsletter if you have a large list. The larger your list the more money you’ll be able to make because you can charge high prices. Many newsletter owners offer solo ads. This means it’s the only ad that will appear in their newsletter. Selling advertising in your newsletter helps cover the costs of producing it.

7. Ad swaps

This refers to exchanging ads with other newsletter owners. For example I’ll place an ad in their newsletter in exchange for their ad in my newsletter. If I have 2000 subscribers and they have 10,000 I would run their ad 5 times in my newsletter while running one ad in theirs. Another idea is to exchange articles with each other as long as the content relates to your niche.

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