Traffic Generation – 7 ways to generate web traffic with article marketing

If you don’t attract visitors to your web site you won’t make any sales. One of the best free methods for traffic generation is to write lots of articles related to your business then distribute them through multiple channels on the Net.

1. Write highly effective content

There’s lots of content on the web which is not uniquely written. It may be copied from other sources, contain lots of spelling and grammar mistakes or doesn’t provide information the reader can use. A uniquely written article stands out from thousands of others on the Web. Find your own unique style of writing so you’ll naturally get people looking for more of your articles.

2. Attract the search engines

Search engines spider keywords contained in your article. Include them in the headline, body and anchor text. Use the h1 tag for the title of your article if it’s for a web page. Search engines place more emphasis on this tag than the body tags.

If you’re writing about dog collars, include the phrase “dog collars” in the link text (anchor text). of your web site. Your site will rank faster than if you just used the URL of your web site in the text.

3. Link building

Links are crucial for attracting web traffic. The quantity and quality of links determine how high your rankings will be. Links can be included in the resource box at the end of your articles, so the more articles you write and distribute on the Net the more links you’ll receive.

Links from high traffic web sites, directories, or search engines will raise your rankings faster than low traffic sites. Therefore look for web sites that already get tons of traffic. Offer exclusive rights to your article. Web site owners know they need to consistently write unique content but often don’t have enough time. You can help them out.

Article directories such as Ezine Articles already receive millions of visitors per day. Submitting articles to this directory on a constant basis will produce a constant flow of traffic to your web site.

4. Repurpose your content

Not all people like to consume content in written form. Some prefer to listen or watch. Take the articles you’ve already written and repurpose (convert) them into audio or video files. You can also use your articles for e-courses, teleseminars, web site and blog content etc. By repurposing
your content you’ll attract a wider audience which means more traffic.

5. More articles = higher traffic generation

Not every article will attract visitors but some will attract thousands. You never know which one or ones will generate the most traffic. Your chances increase by writing more articles. As long as your articles remain on the Net they will keep sending traffic to your web site for years to come.

6. Become a guest writer

Offer to write an article for an online publication, newsletter, blog or web site owner. If your article gets published in a very popular publication you’ll receive lots of traffic.

7. Create a list of ezine publishers

Ezine publishers are always on the lookout for unique content. Enter ezines+keyword or newsletter+keyword in the Google search box to find and contact ezine and newsletter publishers you can send your articles to. Often individual newsletters will attract more visitors to your article than submitting it to general directories.

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