Tubeslicer Review – YouTube Custom Thumbnail Creator

  • Do you want to get more views on YouTube?
  • Do you want to create eye-catching thumbnails…online?
  • Do you want your thumbnails to stand out from your competitors?

YouTube automatically generates thumbnails for each video. Usually they’re pretty crappy so they don’t encourage people to click the image to view your video. As a result you lose views and traffic.

Here are some of the benefits of Tubeslicer

  • Easily create custom thumbnails online
  • Create attention-grabbing thumbnails in less than 1 minute
  • No need to learn Photoshop or other graphics software
  • Receive ready-made templates
  • Receive a variety of eye-catching backgrounds

How does Tubeslicer work?

  • Login to your Tube Slicer membership account
  • Click “start using your slicer”
  • Upload a background image from your desktop
  • Upload a foreground image (ie a face)
  • Add a text layer
  • Position the text to fit the image (ie enlarge)
  • Repeat to add more text layers
  • Save your project or download it to your computer

That’s it!

3 ways to increase engagement with
YouTube Custom Thumbnails

1. Use an attention-grabbing background

The main purpose of the background is to immediately grab a person’s attention. One way to achieve this is to use “starburst backgrounds.” See a few examples below…

The beauty of Tube Slicer is that a variety of starburst backgrounds are included in your software package.


2. Create a catchy foreground image

After grabbing the attention of your viewers with your background place a catchy foreground image on top it. People are more attracted to faces than other objects so include your own face or someone elses. Vary the expressions (ie smiling, frowning, etc) for different thumbnails to see which one receives the most views.

Tube slicer enables you to easily upload an image from your computer to add to your graphic. It even shows you an online tool you can use to remove the background (making it transparent) from any image so it only displays the foreground image (ie the person’s face).

3. Add engaging text

The most important factor when adding text is that it should engage viewers’ emotions.

Here are some points to keep in mind:

  • Include one of the main keywords people would use to find your video.
  • Use words that stimulate curiosity
  • Make the text large enough so it can easily be read at thumbnail size
  • Keep it short – only use a few words to convey what your video is about
  • The text should encapsulate the content of your video

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As you can see in this thumbnail image created by Tubeslicer I uploaded one of the background images it provided and used an image of a face for the foreground. I then overlaid the text to tell viewers what the video is about.

Here are 3 things that could be improved in Tubeslicer

  • Add more background images
  • Ability to add space between letters
  • Provide an image library

Final thoughts

Even though I utilize Fireworks or Photoshop for designing website graphics I find that Tubeslicer saves so much time because it is so easy to use. Because it is web-based I can create thumbnails from any location that has wifi access.

Get your copy of Tubeslicer Today to quickly and easily create your YouTube thumbnail images online anywhere at anytime.


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