How To Share & Watch Private Videos On YouTube

Have you ever sent a private YouTube video to a friend and they were unable to view it?

A private YouTube video can only be seen by you and the people that you select. It won’t appear on your channel or the search engine results therefore it will be invisible to other people.

Here are the steps to share and watch your private YouTube videos:

Watch the video below…

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  • Click on your profile image
  • Click on Creator studio
  • Click on video manager
  • Scroll down and select the video that you wish to share
  • Click edit
  • Click on the drop down box
  • Select your privacy settings
  • Public means that your videos can be seen by anybody and will appear in the search engines.
  • Unlisted means only those people that you share the link with will be able to see the video.
  • Scheduled means that you can select a time that you want your video to go live and it will be shared to the public.
  • Private means it can only be seen by you and the people that you select. It won’t appear on your channel or in the search results therefore it’s invisible to other people.

In the box under private it says you can add names, circles or email addresses…this is how you can share your private video with others. So if you click inside this box you can see it’s got circles, extended circles, following, customers and VIPS.

So I’m going to test the private option by emailing the video to myself.

  • So I enter my email address
  • Click “Share”
  • Now I check my gmail account
  • Click the listing that contains the link to the video
  • Play the video

That’s it!

Make sure the people you share your video with have a Google account so they can view your video. Keep in mind if you haven’t linked your YouTube channel with your Google Plus page then you won’t be able to share your private videos with others.

Now you know how to share and watch a YouTube video privately.

Power Tip
Here’s a great tip before making your YouTube video available to the public. Set your video to private before it goes public so you can optimize it correctly. After it’s been optimized change the settings from private to public.

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