Web Site Content Planning – Purpose

Web site content is even more important than web design. This is because people search the web for information and search engines spider the content on your web pages not the images.

Your content will depend on the type of web site you are designing.

Let’s say for example you are planning to build a site about the town you are living in. You would then orient your content around the topics you create for the site.

Here’s a brief breakdown on how I would begin the web site content planning process for my town:

1. Decide on the site’s purpose

Are you just going to provide information about the town or do you want to make money from the site also?

To monetize it you could create a directory of businesses so visitors can easily find a store when shopping in this town. You could sell advertising by placing ads for their business on your web site. The most prominent ones can be on your homepage as this is what most people will see first. If you are proficient with designing web sites, offer to design and host a web site for their business.

You could also monetize your site by including Google Adsense ads on the web pages. These are the ads you see on the right side of the search engine results when you enter a search term in Google. This will generate some additional revenue for all your content pages.

Starting off your web site content planning process with a clear purpose in mind will provide a solid foundation for the future content of your site. It’s similar to building the foundation of a house.

In my next post I will discuss what type of web site to build for your town.


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