What is the Best Niche Market (hint..it’s within the 3 Big Niches)

What is the Best Niche Market
One of the biggest problems people make when searching for a niche is to choose one that doesn’t have a lot of interest or is too narrow. You need to begin with the 3 big niches then find a niche within those three. These 3 main niches refer to the essential desires of human beings. Without having a balance of these 3 a person will not find true happiness and spend lots of time and money trying to find fulfillment in the one they’re lacking.

What is the Best Niche Market: 3 Big Niches

1. Relationships and Dating

Everyone wants to have good relationships with their family, relatives and friends. If you have lots of money and good health but are lonely you won’t be happy. As people search for a mate and start to have families they are constantly looking for information related to dating, marriage and parenting.

Dating will always be a hot topic because people are emotional beings and want to find the person of their dreams. Some questions they may ask include:

  • How to get a date
  • Where are the top places to get a date
  • How to do online dating

2. Health and Fitness

Most people want to look good and be healthy. Look at all the ads that appear on television related to health drinks, pills, creams, exercise machines and looking beautiful. It’s a multi-million dollar business and very competitive. If this is a niche you feel passionate about select a small segment within it if you wish to make an impact.

3. Money and Finance

People spend most of their lives going to work to make money to survive. Without it you are severely limited to what you can have. Most folks would like to be financially free and have enough money to spend on their families, friends, go on vacation, build their dream house, etc.

Making money online has become very popular as the Internet has exploded and more people have lost their traditional jobs. They become desperate to pay their bills and look for new opportunities to make money online. Even though this looks like an easy niche to pursue, it’s also very competitive so try to find a niche within it to build your business.

Create a list of niches within these 3 big niches. Make sure there is a strong emotional need for your niche (even if it’s irrational) and people are proactively looking for solutions. If they don’t have many options and you provide the solutions to their needs you’ll have found the best niche market.

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  1. Nice post. I think these are the ever popular niches as they have been on the list for years and will continue to be.

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