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So you’ve built your website and all the files are still on your computer. When you get your site online it can be viewed by anyone that has an Internet connection. To get your site online you need a web hosting service. Not all Web hosting companies are equal therefore you need to do some research up front to select a reliable one. To demystify what web hosting is all about here are 4 frequently asked questions (FAQ):

1. How do I choose a web host

The most significant features to look for in a web host include:

  • Sufficient disk space and bandwidth to host your website files
  • Fast, efficient and knowledgeable technical support
  • Ability to set up e-mail accounts
  • Ability to park domains
  • Ability to create subdomains
  • Fantastico for rapid installation of WordPress, Joomla and scripts
  • Website statistics
  • MySQL databases

Check how fast and efficient your potential Web hosting company is by sending them an e-mail or calling them. They should respond almost immediately or at least within 24 hours.

2. How much space and bandwidth do I need?

If you have a static site (no database) that contains 10 to 20 pages you won’t need much space and bandwidth unless you have large images or downloadable files (e.g. video, audio, PDF, flash). If you have all the files stored in one folder on your computer right click on the folder using your mouse. A properties box will pop up displaying the total file size of your folder. This is the least amount of disk space you’ll need however try to get a little more to allow space for e-mail accounts, site statistics, scripts and log files.

If you need to host a website using WordPress or Joomla you’ll need to install a MySQL database. Make sure your Web hosting plan includes MySQL databases. A database driven website usually needs more space and bandwidth than a static site. For a WordPress website 50 MB of disk space and 5 GB of bandwidth will be sufficient and also allow for growth.

3. How do I manage my hosting plan?

If you purchased a hosting plan that uses a Linux server you will get a control panel called Cpanel. Cpanel enables you to set up and manage e-mail accounts, install scripts, shopping carts, website building software and view your site statistics. It will also allow file transfer from your computer to the server however I recommend using FTP software for this task instead (e.g. SmartFTP). It will transfer files much more easily and quickly than the file manager in Cpanel.

4. How do I upload my site online?

Once you’ve purchased a web hosting plan you’ll need to upload your files to the server to get them online. Instead of using Cpanel download free FTP software such as Filezilla or SmartFTP. Enter the hostname (yourdomain.com), username and password, then click “Go” to connect to the server. A local browser window will open to display the files on your computer. A second window (remote window) will open next to the local browser window to display the files on the server. You should see an empty public.html folder on the server.

To transfer the files from your computer to the server simply drag the files from the local browser window to the remote window (public.html folder). Once this has been completed enter your website address in the browser to view your new website online.

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