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Gone are the days of simply placing an ad in the Yellow Pages to get new referrals for your business. Nowadays people have easy access to technology to quickly find what they want. For instance instead of thumbing through the Yellow Pages to find a chiropractor or contractor you can quickly and easily search for one on the Internet. If you own a local business you absolutely need to build a website to have an online presence. If you have a product for sale it’s easier and less expensive to sell than setting up a brick and mortar store.

7 reasons why you should build a website

1. Be available 24/7

Having a website enables you to advertise your products and services 24 hours a day 7 days a week throughout the year. For instance a person may find your site at midnight and send you an e-mail message through the contact form so you can do business with them the next day.

2. Access from anywhere

Since smart phones are becoming more popular it means potential customers can surf the web from their phones and find your website. Just make sure it has a mobile friendly design so it displays correctly to your visitors.

3. Impress your visitors

A beautifully designed website containing lots of useful information will impress your visitors. Invest in a unique design so it will stand out from your competitors.

4. Save money

A yellow page ad will cost you hundreds of dollars each month for it to remain active. Building a website may cost you hundreds of dollars up front however you get unlimited space to add pictures, content and it won’t cost you any extra. If you maintain the website yourself your only costs will be domain name registration and web hosting which needs to be renewed every year.

6. Reach a large audience

Having an online presence for your offline business enables you to reach people all over the world. You’re not limited by location. For example if you sold wedding products from your website you could target people from any country.

7. Sell products to a targeted audience

Your targeted audience could be based upon geography (ie your local city) or type of product (ie solar powered hats for campers). Using the Internet you can easily make money by targeting micro niches. Read: How to find the perfect niche

8. Monitor website traffic

Tracking tools such as Google Analytics enable you to to monitor how many people are visiting your website every day, week, month and year. You can also track where they’re coming from and what keywords they used to find your website. This enables you to monitor the success of your website.

9. Earn income from home

Your website allows you to earn an income from home so you don’t have to spend hours commuting to work each day. This gives you the flexibility to work anytime from anywhere so you can spend more time with your kids. You could sell an unlimited number of products from your website because you don’t need a warehouse for storage. You can simply have them drop shipped.

10. Interact with your customers

Interacting with your customers helps build trust and establish long-term relationships. People tend to buy from people they know like and trust. You can make your website interactive by adding a blog, discussion forum, RSS feeds and a newsletter. Use social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to build an online community of loyal subscribers.

If you’ve been procrastinating building a website for your business, stop thinking about it and just do it. Perhaps you already have a website but it’s not attracting much traffic or generating sales. It may need to be redesigned or optimized for the search engines so people will find your site when doing a Google search.

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