Why Hire A Web Designer?

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Why hire a web designer when there are free pre-made templates or website building software available on the Net? Wouldn’t one of these free options be sufficient for your needs? Won’t it save you time and money?

Let’s look into this topic more deeply.

Here are the top 7 reasons why you should hire a web designer?

1. Design a website that reflects your business

Designing a website that reflects your specific business helps differentiate it from your competitors. For example if you specialize in dog training your website may include a matching logo, background, images and copy that reflects everything about dog training.

2. Place your trust in an experienced professional

When you need your car repaired would you prefer to hire a professional who works on them everyday for a living or ask your do-it-yourself neighbor to repair it? When you hire a professional web designer you benefit from his or her years of experience. He knows what elements go into creating a profitable website and have the confidence to get any of your questions answered.

3. Save time

A professional website contains many parts so hiring a web designer enables you to quickly and easily pull them all together. Some of these parts include:

  • Select the correct domain name
  • Design graphics that match your business
  • Optimize your web pages for the search engines
  • Optimize your images for the web
  • Make sure your site is mobile friendly
  • Make sure your website displays correctly in all browsers
  • Display web page information so it’s easy to read
  • Create web pages that load fast
  • Create clean html code

If you purchase a pre-made template you don’t know what you’re getting. For example it may not display correctly in all browsers because it contains bloated code or the pages load slowly because the graphics are not optimized for the web causing impatient visitors to click away to your competitors’ sites.

4. Save money

There are many technical details included in building a website. You may think you’ll save money by building it yourself, but if you’re not technically inclined (know HTML and CSS) you’ll waste a lot of time and money getting your page to function correctly. A professional web designer will save you a ton of time because he has the knowledge, skills and experience to design, build and test your website.

5. Receive ongoing maintenance

Maintaining your site on a regular basis is a necessity if you want it to function smoothly 100% of the time. For example you may want to change images, install a script, add an e-commerce section or maintain security updates to prevent it getting hacked.

If your website gets hacked it can be a nightmare to restore it back to it’s original state. When you hire a professional web designer he’ll be able to diagnose any problems and offer solutions.

6. Utilize the latest design technologies

The web is constantly changing. A website designed several years ago may no longer generate sales because visitors are turned off by it’s outdated design, slow loading pages or lack of interactivity. Current web designers need to constantly keep abreast of changing technologies so they can implement them in their clients’ designs.

For instance several years ago static HTML pages were sufficient to market your products on the Net however nowadays websites need to include interactive elements (ie social media elements) so the owners can interact with their visitors.

7. Stay ahead of your competitors

Designing a professional website will give your business the edge that no pre-made template can provide. It will be viewed by thousands of people around the world therefore you want it to reflect what you want the world to see. A pre-made template may seem cost efficient and easy, but in the long run, it’s more beneficial to your business to hire a professional web designer.

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