Wolframalpha – a computational search engine that compliments Google

Google has been the dominant search engine for many years and still covers 60% of the searches over other search engines. Wolframalpha is different to Google in that it’s a a computational search engine. This means it users numerous databases to compute likely answers to questions.

I took wolframalpha (wolframalpha.com) for a spin and was impressed with it’s speedy feedback. Here’s some examples you can try:

Enter any date (e.g. a birth date)
Enter any town (e.g. a home town)
Enter any two stocks
Enter any calculation
Enter any math formula
Enter any two first names
Enter any food
Enter any measurement
Enter any chemical formula
Enter any musical notes


It’s extremely good at getting answers for any kind of calculations. It was created by an English mathematical scientist so you would expect it to calculate data very well.

For example it you enter red + yellow it will show you orange and present the hexadecimal data, nearest named colors and complimentary colors.


Since the search engine is still in it’s infancy it did not return searches for all my queries.


I would use it primarily for calculations or mathematical data but not use it as a replacement for Google but rather as a complimentary search engine.

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