WordPress Templates – How To Select A WordPress Theme

Need to put up a blog for your business? There are hundreds of Free WordPress Templates available that will allow you to set one up very quickly without the need for customization.

How to Select a WordPress Template

1. Easy to customize.

Some templates just have a banner located at the top of the web page. To replace the banner with your own, simply name the file the same as the original banner while keeping the same dimensions. Then upload it to the same location on your server.

Most templates keep the content separate from the actual design. By making changes to the cascading style sheet,
you can alter the colors and size of text quite easily.

2. Use a professional layout

You can choose 1 column to 4 column layouts depending on what you want for your business.
Don’t use a template that doesn’t have a professional appearance. Your site will be viewed as amateurish.

3. Check html validation

Before selecting a template, be sure to check if it validates correctly for html. If it contains many html errors, your template may not display well in all browsers, load slowly and subsequent pages generated will all contain the same errors. It’s better to start with an error-free template.

4. Read the help files

Make sure the you read the help files that are associated with your template because the authors may have added their own customizations.

5. Check it’s the latest version

WordPress puts out new versions (updated) on a regular basis to make sure it uses the latest technologies. This is done to repair bugs found in previous versions.

Many folks use the easy installation process that comes with Fantastico…the software that comes with your web hosting service which enables you to create a Word Press template with an easy one click installation. Check WordPress.org to make sure you have the latest version.

6. Optimized for the search engines

If you intend to make money with your WordPress Template, choose one that is already optimized for the search engines. You may not find a free template that is already optimized. You can either do it yourself, pay for one that is Already optimized or get a professional to optimize the one you have selected.

7. Monetization

If you want to include AdSense Ads in your template choose one that is easy to customize or has AdSense already built into it.


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