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Are you looking for inexpensive email marketing software?
Do you want to automate your email marketing?
Do you want to schedule sending of your newsletters?

When I first started building a list of subscribers I used software installed on my server. When the list got past 1000 subscribers my web host said I could only send 1000 emails per day. I then researched reliable email marketing software and found YourMailingListProvider also known as YMLP. I hope this review of YMLP will help you make an informed decision.

Top 7 Benefits of YMLP

1. Easy contact management

YMLP provides the HTML code to add a sign up form on your website. It automatically stores your contacts in a database where you can add/edit/delete them as you wish. Duplicate contacts are automatically removed. If you already have a list it can easily be imported into the software. An unsubscribe link is included at the bottom of each newsletter.

2. Schedule delivery of your newsletters or emails

I like to write my newsletters a few days ahead of time before sending them out so I can let it sit for a while then correct errors I didn’t see before. If I go on vacation for a couple of weeks I can schedule them to be sent out automatically. This saves me the hassle of doing it manually.

3. Inexpensive

I looked into the pricing of the most popular email marketing companies such as Aweber, Constant Contact, Get Response and discovered they are too expensive particularly if you’re just starting out building your list. Their prices increase dramatically as your list increases.

YMLP Monthly Prices

$3.75 for 0-500 subscribers
$7.50 for 501-2,500 subscribers
$15 for 2,501-7,500 subscribers
$22.50 for 7,501-12,500 subscribers
$30.00 for 12,501-20,000 subscribers

If you prepay 12 months in advance the price gets reduced by 10%. You can try YMLP for free with up to 25 emails and purchase extra email credits at $5 per 1,000 emails.

4. Tracking

You can track the number of people that open your email and click on your links. Links in your emails can automatically be tagged using Google Analytics so you can track what contacts do on your website. Google Analytics will need to be set up on your website prior to activating this option.

5. Send text or html emails

If you wish to create and send html newsletters YMLP has several templates to choose from. They can easily be edited if you wish to change the color scheme or add images. Images are stored on their servers. It’s good practice to offer both types of newsletters…html and text as not all customers prefer html. They will have this option turned off in their email software.

6. Create unlimited autoresponders

Following up on your prospects is the key to building relationships with them. The first contact is usually not sufficient to make the sale but if you send a series of reminders they’ll be more inclined to buy. YMLP allows you to set up an unlimited number of autoresponders (text or html or both) so you can automatically schedule the delivery of your emails at pre-detemined times (ie daily, weekly, monthly).

7. Social Media Integration

Many marketers these days use social networking websites to expand the reach of their audience because your sales will increase in proportion to the number people viewing your content. YMLP makes it easy to share your emails on multiple social networking sites by simply inserting a “Share” widget in your e-mails.

If you’re looking for reliable email marketing software that is easy to set-up, inexpensive and easy to manage I highly recommend YMLP. I’ve used them for several years without a hitch and they keep adding new features.

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  1. I’m a long suffering customer of YLMP. Just trying to do a mailing today as a matter of fact, when suddenly their site went down. Just great.

    This isn’t the first time I’ve experienced problems with them, and their customer service stinks. It’s practically non-existent. If you have a problem, their policy is to avoid speaking with you.

    I stay with them because the effort to have to REMAKE ALL my saved templates and drafts and whatever, is what’s stopping me since I only use them once in a while.


  2. Mr Me…I’ve been using them for several years now without a hitch and email requests get answered within a few hours. They may not be every person’s cup of tea.

  3. I’ve been using YMLP for years now and I’ve been happy with the service. They’ve also added features such as an autoresponder recently, and cleaned up their interface.. nice.

    However, from what I’ve heard there are better services, such as Aweber… I’ve just never tried them. So far YMLP is doing OK.
    But it is down today… first time it’s happened to me. )o:

  4. I am looking for a good, affordable and reliable email service provider. I tried this ymlp and found to be better in features. Now when I read reviews and other complaints on web I should stay away from them. Thanks you very much.

  5. Bhavesh..Any service will always receive a few complaints because the customer had different expectations.

    I’ve been using YMLP (and still do) for several years and have had no complaints…in fact they keep adding new features. It only takes me a few minutes to send an email to my whole list and unsubscribes are removed automatically.

    Recently I imported a list of 1200 contacts within a few minutes for a customer from an excel spreadsheet.

  6. gmail user question says

    can i use my gmail account to send monthly newsletters to over 1500 subscribers or does the gmail 500 mails per day restriction still apply? Thanks

  7. Gamil’ll need to send it in batches. If you intend to build your list, send a series of follow-up messages automatically and track how many subscribers actually read your messages,I strongly recommend signing up for a professional email list provider.

  8. Has anyone had problems with the newsbuilder in YMLP. When my client uses it, it takes away all the formatting once she clicks continue – taking away the background and turning all the fonts to Times New Roman etc. I have watched her do it and she is not doing it wrong and we have also tried on other computers and it is fine so it may be her computer? Any thoughts as YMLP have been unable to help. To start again and redo all their customised templates in another system will be quite a bit of extra work so trying to avoid this.

  9. Karen,

    This happens when you copy and paste from MS Word.
    Try copying and pasting into Notepad or a text editor first, then C & P into YMLP. Then use the built in editor to format your content.


  10. Herman is a YMLP representative or some one from the YMLP team. Infact I doubt they have a team I think it is one man team run by some one who calls himself Kris.

    I would say they are ok for the price they charge but certainly I wouldn’t call them very bad.

  11. Exposer…not true. I am a long time customer who simply has had a good experience with the company and therefore recommend them for managing your email list.

  12. Customer service is not the best. I asked a few questions regarding their email service and each time, either someone name Kris or Tom were rude in their response back to me. Both representatives seemed annoyed with my 2 questions about sending email. In addition, the representatives had little knowlege about the email services I was interested in using. Even though my customer service experience was not the greatest – I would rate it below 1 on a scale of 1-10, I can’t denied the fact that their website is marvelous and has many benefits to running a successful campaign. I love the features and YMLP website is very detail. I’ll probably use the service and hopefully avoid customer service altogether.

  13. Hi
    We have a problemn with YMLP.
    We make a newsletter in HTML with Kompozer.
    We paste all the code in ymlp and sent the test message. Then, a green background appear !
    No response about YMLP …
    does someone had this problem ?

    Bests regards

  14. Is there any way this software can be installed on server?

  15. Rupal..the software runs on their own servers. Google “autoresponder scripts” if you want to install the software on your own server. Keep in mind there are some limitations with the self hosted method.

  16. I was reading review about this software, seems they are just taking money. Have you used them?

  17. This is really interesting, You are a very professional blogger. I’ve joined your rss feed and look ahead to looking for more of your magnificent post. Also, I’ve shared your web site in my social networks

  18. Been with YMLP fop years, have recently run into problems with images that are uploaded, and look fine on their system, but when sent occationally there will be a red x where the images should be. But if you go back into YMLP and open the email, the image is there. This has happened twice on a code uploaded and once one a template.

    • Jean…I haven’t experienced this problem..yet. I usually view the template on AOL, Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook Express email accounts before sending it to subscribers. Contact YMLP tech support to receive an answer.

  19. I just started using YMLP (literally paid for it last week)and while their e-mail marketing set up (online)is great it is far from perfect – which like eveyrthing in the world, makes sense. I can deal with a few glitches, etc. But the responses from their “Tech” support have been less than professional, with e-mails such as this response from their team & I quote:

    “I am not sure what else you expect us to check or do, but, I don’t know why your Gmail account is showing the text version. I think it’s related to the settings of your Gmail account”

    This was a follow up answer to my detailed query as to why when I upload my own HTML file to their server it goes to GMail as a RTF file and to my AOL as a graphic file (of course it works perfectly fine when I use their newsletter builder – which isn’t so convenient when you’ve already spent time developing the HTML, outside their server, the way you like it. LOL).

    This was the 2nd time I received that same exact answer…from 2 different people.

    I don’t mind if someone says, Sorry I honestly am not sure why this is happening, and tries to work with me, but twice I was asked to send them a screen shot of the incident (somehow on first try the tech support was unable to open my PNG files??) And I sent the same exact ones (not a newly saved version)…and that was the response I got a day later.

    Now, if someone on here has had that problem as I have I would love your help. I even sent it to others (who also have gmail) to see if it was indeed my settings – they were viewing it in RTF as I was, so really, could it be all our Gmail settings?

    I am not super techie, last time I did any major programming was when C++ and all that jazz was around. LOL. but I do know my way around a computer and for the life of me I can’t resolve this issue…driving me mad I tell you! mad! I am hoping it is really simple. And, will continue to work on it, while continuing to look for a more reliable, ie, better, helpful customer service and knowledgeable tech support, mailing list provider…adieu…

    • Nikki,

      Recently I had to custom design an email template for a client. Even though I mostly used tables and inline CSS it still took a bit of tweaking for the template to appear correctly in Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and OE. In this case I didn’t use YMLP but it shows it’s not all plain sailing when you design your own templates.

      Check it for valid html before sending it…perhaps you’re using some code that doesn’t work well for email templates. They are not as forgiving as web pages which still render well when full of html errors.

      I primarily use YMLP’s HTML templates and they render fine on the major email clients.

  20. Hii,
    I would like to know by using ymlp can we send a newsletter to an individual and also can we send multiple newsletter with same content to different users at a time.

    • Hi Nidhi…yes you can send a newsletter to an individual (create a separate group for them).
      yes, you can send the same newsletter with same content to different users by placing them all in one group or in different groups. Just select all the groups when sending the same newsletter so you can send it to all of them at the same time.
      Let me know if you decide to go with YMLP and I’ll send you a short video tutorial on how to use it (ie add/edit/import contacts, send a newsletter, etc)

  21. Admiring the time and energy you put into your site and in depth information you present.

    It’s awesome to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same unwanted rehashed material.

    Great read! I’ve saved your site and I’m adding your
    RSS feeds to my Google account.

  22. Stay clear of YMLP. I used to be their loyal customer for a number of years and recently joined again, just to find out it’s impossible to stop the subscription once you make the first payment. The support does not reply to any tickets, there’s no telephone number to contact and it’s impossible to remove your card details from the system. I have been charged three times now for a service I’m unable to cancel.


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