YouTube Cards Analytics – How To Analyze The Effectiveness Of Your Cards On YouTube

Do you know if viewers are actually interacting
with your cards on YouTube videos?

How can you analyze the effectiveness of your YouTube cards?

The Cards report in YouTube Analytics shows how viewers interact with your cards on your videos whether they’re using a desktop, mobile or tablet.

Here’s how to analyze the performance of Cards on your YouTube Channel…

Watch the video below…

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  • Log into your YouTube channel
  • Click your profile icon
  • Click Creator Studio
  • Click Analytics
  • Scroll down to Engagement Reports
  • Go to the last link which says Cards
  • Click “Cards”
  • Here’s an overview of YouTube card stats
  • Card teaser clicks – this is the number of times a teaser has been clicked. The Card icon clicks get attributed to the last teaser shown
  • Card Teaser Rate..this is the average teaser clicks per teaser impression. It measures how often viewers clicked a teaser after seeing it.
  • Card Clicks is the number of times a card has been clicked by a viewer
  • Card Click Rate..this is the average card clicks per impression. This measures how often viewers clicked a card after seeing it.
  • You can view the stats with a line graph or via a graphical interface. If you hover over the graph it shows you the stats for each individual card
  • It can also display a pie graph, bar graph or geographical view

The most important metric to analyze
is the individual YouTube card

  • So I’ve got a video called “YouTube Cards” & the card teaser clicks are 56.
  • The teaser click rate is 22.05% and I’ve got 9 clicks so the click through rate is 14.75% which is pretty good
  • I can view the Card by Card Type
  • As you can see in the video above my playlist card received the highest number of clicks whereas my associated website card received the smallest number of clicks
  • If I click the video tab it shows the video which receives the most number of clicks
  • If I click “more” then I have the option to view the geography, date or subscription status
  • If I click on the individual video for instance “YouTube Cards – mobile friendly annotations” then I can view the stats for the individual card.
  • If I hover my mouse over the graph it shows the number of clicks for specific dates

Here’s a power tip

Although you can add up to 5 Cards per video, it will decrease viewer engagement. Instead just use one or 2 cards per video to get high click rates.

That’s it!

Now you know how to measure the performance of
Cards on your YouTube videos.

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