YouTube Demonetization Explained

Have you ever seen the dreaded yellow money symbol symbol next to one of your videos? This means your video was not suitable for advertisers and therefore you can’t monetize it with adsense ads.

In the video below I’ll explain exactly what YouTube Demonetization is, how it affects your videos and how you can resolve it so the yellow icon becomes green

So what does YouTube Demonization mean?

According to YouTube…

“All videos uploaded to YouTube must comply with YouTube’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. To be eligible for advertising, videos must comply with the AdSense Program Policies. YouTube also reserves the right, at its discretion, to not show ads on videos and watch pages—including ads from certain advertisers or certain formats. “

See the links to these policies below if you want to read them.

YouTube’s Terms Of Service
YouTube Community Guidelines
Adsense Program Policies

How does YouTube Demonetization affect my channel and videos?

  1. If you don’t have 10,000 lifetime channel views you can’t enable monetization on any of your videos.
  2. If monetization is not enabled on your channel, you won’t be able to link to an associated website in cards and end screens.
  3. If your channel has monetization enabled but YouTube has determined that one or more of your videos is not suitable for advertisers, you won’t be able to earn revenue from adsense ads for that video.

How do you get demonetized videos reviewed?

According to YouTube..

“If you believe your video is suitable for all advertisers you can appeal the decision. An appeal gets sent to an expert reviewer. Deleting the video and re-uploading won’t help. Keep in mind that videos can only be submitted for review one time and the review decision cannot be appealed.”

“If your channel has more than 10,000 subscribers, we will review your unlisted video (regardless of view count). If your channel has fewer than 10,000 subscribers, keep in mind that we’re only able to review videos with at least 1,000 views in the past 7 days, so you may need to publish the video and get views before we can review it.”

“When you request a review (e.g. appeal the current monetization status), the video gets looked at by an expert reviewer (not a computer) who spends time watching the video and reviewing the video’s content, title, and metadata against our advertiser-friendly content guidelines.”

What if you don’t have 1000 views on your video?

Based on my experience you can ask for a review even if you don’t have 1000 views. I’ve appealed several demonetized videos, and monetization was reactivated within hours.

How to create advertiser-friendly content to avoid demonetization of your YouTube videos?

In addition to the policies and guidelines above, here are some tips to
help ensure that your content is appropriate for advertising…

  • Do be respectful of others, including your viewers and the people or groups that you may feature in your video.
  • Do use accurate thumbnails and metadata. Regardless of the content of your video, if the title or thumbnail does not comply with these guidelines, the video may not be eligible for advertising.
  • Don’t embed your own ads in your video since it violates our ad policies. Learn more about paid product placement policy.
  • Context is key. If your video contains potentially controversial or offensive content, give your viewers enough information to help them understand what they’re seeing. You can also help us understand if your content is suitable for advertising by providing additional context.

Let me ask you an important question
Have you ever had one of your videos demonetized?
How long did the appeal process take?
Post your answer in the comments.

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