Top 4 YouTube Keyword Research Tools For Video Marketers & How To Use Them

How do you find relevant keywords for
your video marketing campaign?

If you target the wrong keywords when creating your videos you won’t be able attract traffic to generate leads or sell your products and services.

Here’s how to use the Top 4 Free YouTube Keyword Tools

Watch the video below…

These 4 tools will help you to stay ahead of your competitors, who are using the traditional Adwords Keyword Planner as their main tool which doesn’t find the hidden keywords.

1. Keyword Tool

  • You’ll find this at
  • Get 750+ Google Keyword Suggestions For Free
  • Select YouTube
  • Put in your keyword phrase
  • Select the country and language
  • Click “search”
  • Here you’ve got all the search terms
  • You’ve got all the keywords ranking from a to z
  • You can also click on “questions” to get suggested questions

If you want to get 2x more keywords you can subscribe to the keyword tool pro
Keyword tool pro gives you 2x more long tail keywords plus the search volume, Cost per click and adwords competition data.

2. Ubersuggest

  • You get there by going to
  • Ubersuggest quickly finds new keywords not available
    in the Google Keyword Planner
  • Enter your keyword phrase
  • Select YouTube from the drop down
  • Select your country
  • Click “suggest”
  • Organize all the suggested keywords from a to z and 1,2,5,9
  • a…you’ve got “dog training at home”
  • b…Here you’ve got “dog training basics”
  • And numbers you’ve got “dog training 101 how to train any dog the basics”
  • You can also view all the keywords as text
  • You can copy and paste your keywords to use them in your campaigns.

3. Google Trends

  • You’ll find this at
  • Here you can find the latest trends, data, and visualizations from Google
  • Let’s put in “six pack abs”
  • Here you can see the trends over time, regional interests and related searches..get six pack, six pack workout, etc.

4. Adwords Display Planner

  • To get there log into your adwords account
  • Go to “tools”…display planner
  • Go to “find new targeting ideas”
  • Click “search for new targeting ideas using a phrase, website or category
  • Enter your keyword phrase
  • Click “Get ad group ideas”
  • Here you’ve got all your ad groups
  • Click “Individual targeting ideas”…”keywords”
  • Here you’ve got all your keywords, relevance and cost per click
  • If you advertise on Google Adwords you’ll also be able to get the estimated number of impressions/week for that particular keyword phrase.

Now you know how to use the top 4 YouTube keyword tools to
find relevant and hidden keywords for your video marketing campaigns.

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