Top 15 YouTube Ranking Factors That Generate More Traffic, Leads and Sales

Videos that appear on the first page of Google and YouTube receive a ton more traffic than if they are on page 2 and beyond. More traffic means you’ll get more leads and more leads results in more sales.

Here are the Top 15 ranking factors for YouTube videos:

Watch the Top 4 YouTube Ranking Factors

1. Keywords in the title

Only the first 55 or 60 characters appear in YouTube’s search results so make sure you add your primary keyword phrase to the beginning of your title. Create a captivating title so it encourages viewers to click on it.

2. Keywords in the description

Include a transcript of your video content in your description. Use all 5000 characters if possible. Include your primary and secondary keywords so your video can come up in the search engines for those keywords.

Don’t repeat your primary keyword phrase multiple times. It won’t help your rankings and may get you banned for “spam” by YouTube.

3. Keywords in the tags

Use all keywords and keyword phrases related to your video. Search YouTube for related videos that get a ton of views. Include the keywords they used in your own video tags.

4. Incoming Links

Google places a lot of value on the quantity and quality of links pointing to your video. Create an incoming links campaign by using a combination of articles, blog posts, forum commenting, etc. plus use Social Media incoming links as well (ie Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc). Make sure you use your primary keyword phrase as your anchor text.

5. Time Watched

This refers to the time your visitor spends on YouTube watching videos in general, not just your videos but other videos as well. It’s not just about how many clicks you get to your videos but about how long viewers are engaged with videos on YouTube after they click yours.

Check YouTube Analytics to view “Time Watched” for each of your videos. If people are leaving within the first few seconds offer more valuable content or change the style of your video.

Create quality content to keep viewers engaged. Include annotations to hyperlink to related videos, your channel or landing page.

6. Total Views

Social signals are becoming increasingly important for ranking videos and web pages. More views means better traction.

  • Announce your video to your list
  • Embed the video on high traffic sites
  • Buy cheap PPC traffic for the video
  • Announce the video on social media sites

7. Total Likes and Dislikes

  • The higher the number of likes the better.
  • Use Annotations to ask for a “thumbs up”
  • Ask viewers to “Like” your video
  • Add a P.S. to your email reminding them to “Like” your video when they watch it
  • In your descriptions ask people to “Like” the comments

8. Total Embeds

The more sites that embed your videos the better.

  • Embed the video on your blog
  • Embed the video in an Article
  • Embed the video in a Press Release

9. Total Shares

The more shares the better.

  • Ask viewers to share your video
  • Use Annotations to ask viewers to share
  • Add a P.S. to your email reminding them to “Share” your video when they watch it
  • In your descriptions ask people to Share your video with their friends

10. Total Playlists It Is Added To

The more playlists your video is added to the better.

  • Create your own Playlists
  • Ask your viewers to create Playlists with your videos

11. Subscribers

The more subscribers the better.

  • Ask viewers to subscribe to your channel
  • Design your channel page so it encourages visitors to subscribe
  • Use Annotations asking viewers to subscribe
  • In your descriptions ask people to subscribe

12. Channel Views

The more the better. Do all of the above to generate more total views for each of your videos.

13. Flags

  • Get as few as possible.
  • Fight every single flag you are notified of.


The more the better.

  • Use Annotations to ask for a comment
  • Ask viewers to leave comments for your video
  • Add a P.S. to your email reminding them to comment on your video when they watch it
  • In your descriptions ask people to leave comments

15. Category Choice

Choose a category that applies to your video but try to choose one that has less competition. That way you’ll have a better chance of being a “featured” video in your category (which leads to more free traffic)

If you follow these top 15 ranking factors for your YouTube videos you’ll be ahead of your competitors and generate more traffic, leads and sales.

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