7 Ways To Come Up With New YouTube Video Ideas For Beginners

Do you struggle to come up with new
ideas for your videos on YouTube?

Beginners on YouTube often upload videos based on what they think their audience likes. Instead you should research what your audience is interested in so your videos get more engagement.

When you get more engagement you get more views and subscribers.

Here are 7 Ways To Come Up With New Video Ideas On YouTube

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1. Google Trends
Enter your main keyword at https://www.google.com/trends/ to view the latest trends, related topics and related queries in your niche. If you create a video based on what’s trending right now you’ll be able to tap into a large audience.

2. Online discussions
Search for online discussions where people are talking about your specific niche. Social media sites are a good place to start. Create videos based on the most popular topics being discussed.

3. Ask your audience
Instead of trying to guess what people may be interested in, ask them. If you already have an email list of subscribers survey them. If you don’t already have an audience on social media visit Forums, Facebook Groups, Twitter, etc.

4. Video Series
Choose a topic you’re passionate about then do a brain dump by writing down all the possible sub topics you can think of. For instance if your niche is about dog training, sub topics may include dog training tips, dog training classes, dog obedience training, etc

5. Keyword Suggestions
When you enter a keyword phrase in Google or YouTube it will suggest related keyword phrases.Create videos based on these suggestions.

6. Frequently asked questions
Create videos based on the questions that are asked most frequently in your niche. If you visit Ubersuggest.io, enter your main keyword then add “how to” at the beginning it will suggest multiple related questions. Create a series of videos that answer these questions.

7. Video Challenge
Invite people in your niche to participate in a 30 day challenge. For example if you’re passionate about dog training, create a Facebook Group and invite other YouTubers to post their dog training videos in the group for 30 days. After 30 days you’ll have grown an online community where you can discuss, inspire and help each other create more videos.

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