How do you come up with good video ideas for YouTube that get lots of views?

In the video below, I show you 5 highly effective tools that will enable you to generate ideas for your YouTube videos, so you’ll never have to stare at a blank screen again. Every one of these tools is a YouTube video ideas generator.

The biggest challenge for generating new video ideas is to come up with topics that your audience is interested in. If they’re not interested in your topic, they’re not going to watch your video.

One of the best ways to do this is to find out what your audience is searching for. You can achieve this for free in online tools that show you what people are typing into the search engines, what questions they’re asking, and getting the search volume for those terms in questions.

Here are 5 highly effective tools for generating new YouTube video ideas.
1. Keywords Everywhere.
This is a free Chrome extension that allows you to see the search volume, the cost per click, and the competition for 16 different websites. When you type in your keywords, you’ll automatically get the search volume per month for that keyword. This means that people are actively searching for that particular keyword in the search engines. If there’s no monthly searches for that particular keyword phrase, you’ll waste a lot of time creating videos that don’t rank in the search engines and don’t get any traffic. Therefore, you want to choose topics that guarantee views.

2. YouTube Search Bar.
All you have to do is to enter your main keyword in the YouTube search bar, and you’ll get a bunch of suggestions.

For example, if I enter “train puppies” in the YouTube search bar, I get a bunch of suggestions for train puppies, train puppies not the bite, train puppies to walk on a leash, et cetera. Keywords Everywhere gives me the search volume for these keyword phrases. If I enter “_ train puppies,” I get all the how-to terms for that particular keyword phrase.
I got how to train puppies,
– how to train puppies not to bite,
– how to train puppies in Hindi.
– How do you train puppies, 590 searches per month.

If I enter space, underscore at the end, I get longer keyword phrases such as train puppies not to bite, train puppies to walk on a leash, train puppies to sleep through the night, Bbig train puppies, train chihuahua puppies, et cetera.

I can also go through the alphabet such as, A, how to train puppies at home. B, how to train puppies basic commands. C, how to train puppies commands, how to train cavachon puppies, 30 searches per month. D, how to train dachshund puppies, 210 searches per month, and so on.

By doing this exercise, you’ll find a whole bunch of new video ideas.

I can do the same for Google. If I enter “train puppies” in the Google search bar, then I get a bunch of keyword phrases with the search volume beside them. How to train a puppy to sit, 2,400 searches per month. Puppy training guide, 1,900 searches per month, et cetera.

If I scroll down, I can find related keywords with the volume, cost per click, and the competition. You can also find what people search for with the volume, cost per click, and competition. If I scroll down to the bottom, you can find searches related to train puppies.

I can also see that YouTube videos appear as a carousel in Google search as shown here.

train puppies

If you find a keyword phrase that has a good search volume both in Google search and YouTube search, then you could rank for that phrase both in Google and YouTube. You’ll then be able to get double amount of traffic, than if you just appeared in one type of search.

This is a free video ideas generator that gives you the most frequently asked questions in your niche. If I enter the keyword phrase, “train puppies” in the search bar, click Get Questions, we’ll get questions in a few seconds. I’ve got an image at the top here with 47 questions. If I hover over the questions, I can get the search volume. If I scroll down, I get 292 alphabeticals, and I can also get the search volume.

For instance here, I got trained puppies for sale set around 20 searches per month. $1.45 cost per click. Under I, potty train puppies in apartment, 2,400 searches per month, and 90ยข cost per click. Kennel train puppies, 2,400 searches per month, $1.23 per click.

Just by entering train puppies in the search bar, I’ve got 292 suggestions for future YouTube video ideas.

How can you quickly sort the search volume for these particular keyword phrases?
Scroll down to the bottom, click Add All Keywords, and go to Keywords Everywhere, refresh the page. Now I’ve got the keyword, the search volume, the cost per click, and competition for all these keyword phrases. If I click the drop down, show 500, and I click search volume, then you can see the search volume in descending order. Of course, these first ones don’t make any sense, but if I scroll down, I can see toilet train puppies has 9,900 searches per month, how to train puppies for toilet, 6,600 searches per month.

I can quickly come up with video ideas for YouTube videos with this video ideas generator, AnswerThePublic.

4. TubeBuddy.
This is a free Chrome extension that gives you the keyword score for the topics that you choose. It will suggest topics that are easy to rank for based upon the keyword score. I highly recommend upgrading to the Star option, so you get access to many more keywords, and you’ll save a lot of time.

After you’ve installed the TubeBuddy Chrome extension, you see the TV icon at the top of the page. Click on the icon, click Launch Keyword Explorer Now. I’m going to enter the keyword phrase, “Hawaii vacations.” You can see automatically, it provides suggestions from the YouTube search bar. Click explore, you see that the way the keyword score specific to my channel is very poor. It’s based upon how many views my videos tend to get and my chance of ranking in these search results. The unweighted keyword score is how this keyword is searched very often, but it’s bad to target because it’s extremely competitive and hard to rank. Therefore, I should choose a longer keyword phrase.

I’m going to select “Hawaii vacations best time to go.” You can also see these score analysis down the bottom here. Search volume is excellent, competition is very poor, optimization strength is excellent, number of videos and search results, 6.32 million, number searches per month, 350,000. Let’s look at a longer keyword phrase, “Hawaii vacations best time to go.” Now I see that my weighted keyword score is very good, 71 out of 100. Search volume is fair, competition is excellent, optimization strength is excellent, number of videos and search results is 14 million. Searches per month, 80 per month, then the unweighted keyword score is also very good, 70 out of 100.

That would be a great video idea for future videos. It would be easy to rank and be able to get a lot of traffic. You can check for “Hawaii vacations” again and look at these other opportunities like “Hawaii vacations 2020.” Very good weighted score, and a good unweighted score.

With the TubeBuddy tool, I can quickly and easily find video content ideas for future videos. I know that these videos are going to get views and subscribers because they have a great search volume.

If you want to get access to even more keywords, I highly recommend upgrading to the star or legend options of TubeBuddy at You can get 20% off if you use HERMANSBUDDY at checkout.

5. MorningFame.
This is a paid online tool that shows you which videos you should create more of based upon the best performing videos on your YouTube channel. You’ll also be able to get ideas from channels that are close to yours. Go to the keyword research section of MorningFame and click on the Topic tab. Scroll down, it says Create More of These. These are videos that have performed well on my channel. I would create more of these types of videos based on similar topics.

I can also get new video ideas from channels that are close to mine such as Galaga, creative fundamentals, Brian Johnson TV, Vanessa Lau, vidIQ, Creator Insider, Nick Nimmin, Video Creators, Video Influencers, Derral Eves, Roberto Blake. If I have a particular video topic in mind, we can enter it into the search bar here. If I put “video ideas 2019,” then immediately I’ll get a bunch of suggestions based upon YouTube search. If I click Choose 1st Result, then I get a lot of common keywords and uncommon keywords, so I can use these for future video ideas.

Click here..if you want to get access to MorningFame to generate new video ideas based upon your own channel to see if your own channel is trending upwards and to see how much each video contributed to the growth of your channel.

MorningFame added an algorithm tab that shows how YouTube algorithms are promoting your channel in Google search, YouTube search, and suggestive videos.

Let me ask you a question…
Where do you get most of your ideas for your future YouTube videos? Post your answer in the comments below. I’d love to read them, and I’m sure others would too.

Now that you’ve generated a bunch of new video ideas, you’ve got to plan out your content.

How do you do that?

No worries. Just watch the next video on how I plan out my own content, so it’ll be easier to plan out your own. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you in the next video.

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