YouTube Video Ideas You Probably Never Thought Of – My Top 12 Tips

Do you struggle to keep a running list of
ideas for making YouTube videos?

Have you ever had a blank mind or stared at a blank
screen waiting for a video idea to emerge?

Here are my top 12 tips for generating YouTube video ideas:

Watch the video below

1. Frequently asked questions or should have asked questions.
Create a list of frequently asked questions in your niche then answer each one in a video. Do the same for questions that your viewers or your customers SHOULD be asking.

Viewers often ask questions in the comments section of your videos. Create a video that answers their question or solves their particular problem.

3. Forums and Facebook Groups
Google forums+keyword to discover what people are talking about in your niche. Engaging in forum conversations will help stimulate ideas for your next video. For example if you Google forums+dog training you’ll find a bunch of forums related to dog training.

Join Facebook Groups where you can interact with like-minded people.
Often an online conversation will stimulate a new idea for a video.

4. Video series
Pick a topic that you know a lot about or wish to research, then create
a video series about it. Add this series to a playlist on your channel.

5. Case studies
People love to hear success stories, so create a video that demonstrates
how your product was successful for solving a specific problem.

6. Google and YouTube suggestion tools
When you begin typing your keyword in the search bar of Google or YouTube it will suggest a bunch of keywords. Create videos based upon these keyword suggestions. For example if you add “how to” before the keyword phrase dog training you’ll get a bunch of keyword suggestions related to dog training.

7. Collaboration
Seek out a person on YouTube who is in a similar niche and has a similar base of
subscribers. Choose a topic where you can both offer valuable tips to your audience.

8. Survey your subscribers or customers
Ask them for suggestions in your next video or ask them “what is the biggest problem that you’re facing in your business right now?” Provide the solution in your next video.

9. Interviews
Interview an expert in your niche that can offer valuable tips or insights
to your viewers. If you can’t find anyone just interview yourself.

10. YouTube channels
Visit similar channels in your niche to see what kind of topics are being covered. You may discover a related topic that hasn’t been discussed yet or perhaps you can offer your own unique slant on a particular topic.

11. Update outdated videos
If you’ve been uploading videos for a number of years to your channel you’ve probably got a few videos that are outdated. Record a new video, then add an annotation or card that redirects viewers from the old video to the new one.

12. Get creative
My best video ideas often appear when I’m not working such as when I’m driving, taking a shower, running in nature, or playing music. So think of activities you enjoy that stimulate the creative part of your mind.

Let me know in the comments below how do YOU
come up with new ideas for your YouTube videos?

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