YouTube Video Optimization: How To Optimize Your Title, Description and Tags

What are the correct locations to insert your keywords?

1. Video file name

Rename your video file name to include your main keyword phrase. For example if my video file name is subscribers magnet review” rename it to subscribersmagnetreview.mp4

2. Fill out a title that contains your keyword phrase at the beginning.

An example of a good title could be: “Subscribers Magnet Review” followed by one of your main key benefits: “double email subscribers without getting any additional traffic”

3. Fill out your description

So in your description you’re going to repeat the title at the top so you’ve got “subscribers magnet review double email subscribers without getting any additional traffic” …..same as the title followed by the website address which is the trial page for subscribers magnet.

In your description you want to fill out all the video content contained in your video.Now at the end of your video you want to also include a call to action. For instance..”Get your 14 day free trial of subscribers magnet for only $1.00 at…” then I point them to the trial page or landing page.

4. Fill in the tags

Fill in the tags with your main keyword phrase i.e. “subscribers magnet review” and also related keyword phrases like “subscribers magnet” “subscribers magnet plugin” “double email subscribers” “wordpress” “wordpress plugin”

Make sure you fill out the correct category in this case it is the “education” category.

The video mentioned above is currently listed on the first page of Google as number 4 for “subscribers magnet” out of 1,730,000 results and number 2 out of 748,000 results for “subscribers magnet review” On YouTube it’s currently listed as number 1.

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