3 Tips For Creating Your Backlinking Strategy

The desire of most website owners is to gain first page rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Some think that just building a website and uploading it to the Web will guarantee it will immediately appear when someone enters their primary keyword in the search box. More savy website owners know you not only need to optimize your website but also need an ongoing backlinking strategy to see your rankings grow over time.

3 Tips For Creating Your Backlinking Strategy

1. Do your keyword research first

I’ve often seen many website owners brag about their first page rankings but when I checked how many visits that keyword received each month it was zero. It’s easy to obtain high rankings for keywords no one is searching on but it’s a waste of time because it won’t generate any traffic.

Before you begin your backlinking strategy open up Google’s free keyword tool and enter your main keyword in the search box. It will list 100 related keywords to use in your content.

2. Embed keywords in all your content

Keywords are what search engines use to find your content on the web therefore include your main keywords and keyword phrases in any content you produce whether it is for a web page, blog post, article, video, ebook or podcast.

For example whenever you create a blog post take one of the keyword phrases you’ve researched ahead of time and expand it into several valuable tips (such as in this article) that your readers would find valuable. Repeat the keyword phrase several times throughout the content in various ways. Make sure your main focus is for the content to appeal to your readers, not the search engines otherwise you won’t receive any comments or the content won’t be shared with others.

Wherever possible link your keyword phrase (named anchor text) to your website as this type of link carries greater weight than a regular link. The quality and quantity of incoming links to your site will determine your rankings.

3. Vary the type and speed of link acquisition

Search engines reward websites that receive a steady stream of different types of links from a variety of sources. Avoid the temptation to purchase a package of 1000s of backlinks or buy software that promises automated backlinking you have no control over. You may receive a short term bump in rankings however over the long term your rankings will be lowered because your spamming strategy was detected.

Whenever you create new content announce it on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ as Google now includes these elements in its ranking algorithim. Instead of just creating one blog post leverage the same content by re-purposing it into an article, pdf, video, podcast or ebook. Get high quality backlinks by submitting your content to ezine publishers, document sharing websites, video sharing websites, podcast directories and ebook directories.

Link building is not just a one time action. It needs to be done constantly and consistently to be effective therefore you must create a backlinking strategy.

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