3 Top Methods to Get Quickly Indexed by Google.

Google is still the largest search engine on the Net, so getting your web site indexed by it is crucial for web traffic. A new web site often takes a long time before it appears in Google’s search results.

Here are 3 fast ways to get a new web site into Google:

1. Get a link from a web site that is already in Google

The quality and quantity of links pointing to your web site determines its ranking in Google. Your ranking will increase in proportion to the links you get.

One of the best ways is to write an article and submit it to article directories since these are well established and get indexed by Google every day.

Visit forums or blogs related to your web site content and leave a well written and informative post. If you provide information that is valuable to others they will naturally wish to link to you.

2. Add a blog to your web site

Blogs tend to be quickly indexed by Google. Create a blog for your business then include links back to your web site in your posts. Google will find your web site by indexing your blog entry.

3. Submit a Press Release

Create a press release about your web site and submit it to:


Free Press Release

Make sure your press release is interesting, informative to read and includes a link back to your web site. If many people read it you may get hundreds or thousands of new links which will result in an immediate boost in traffic.

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