4 Keyword Suggestion Tools for Fast, Free Keyword Research

If want to get high rankings for your web site you need to find the keywords people would enter in the search engines to find the topic of your web site. If you design a site without the keywords people generally use you won’t get any visitors which means no traffic and therefore no sales.

Some of the best keyword research tools are freely available online.

1. Overture Suggestion Tool


* Provides quick analysis what keywords are being searched on
* Finds related searches that include your keyword term
* Estimates number of times that term was searched on last month


* Not entirely accurate
* Plural forms of the keywords are included in the results
* Does not include keyword phrases from all search engines
* Switches the order of some phrases

2. Webmasterautomation

* List related keyword phrases from Googleâ„¢
* List related Keywords from Overtureâ„¢ with number of searches conducted.
* Number of Pages related to that given keyword or phrase in Major Search Engines like Altavistaâ„¢, Yahooâ„¢, MSNâ„¢, AllTheWebâ„¢, AOLâ„¢, Teomaâ„¢ etc.
* List URLs of Top 5 Ranking WebSites in Google/Yahoo.
* Display Link Popularity, Meta Keywords and Alexaâ„¢ Ranking of 5 Top Ranking sites.

3. SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool


* Results are from the Overture keyword suggestion tool (see No 1 above).
* Offers suggested monthly regional search volumes by market for Google, Yahoo!, and MSN.
* Links the search volumes to the related global search results.
* Provides links to price estimate tools from Overture and Google AdWords.
* Links to Google Trends, Google Suggest, Google Synonyms, Yahoo! Suggest, Keyword Discovery and Wordtracker keyword research results.
* Links to various vertical databases like Topix.net, Google Blogsearch, and Del.icio.us to let you know if people are talking about your topic and what types of resources they are referencing.


* Tools can only provide helpful information and estimates.
* Overture switches the order of some phrases.
* Overture blends plural and singular terms together when showing their keyword data. Terms may be very different in meaning, competition, query volume, and conversion.
* Google and MSN traffic is estimated based on Yahoo!’s numbers. Any sampling error is amplified.

4. Search It

This is not only a great tool for SEO research but incorporates many other handy search tools you can use to build, promote and analyze your site.

Here is a comprehensive article I wrote that reviews this all inclusive keyword suggestion tool.

Search It Review


I recommend using several keyword suggestion tools to get an accurate picture of what keywords to include on your web site. The return on investment (ROI) in terms of visitors and sales increases with the accuracy of your initial research.


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  4. Keyword research doesn’t have to be that hard. I believe alot of researchers get frozen and cannot make a decision. Choose the best decision and move forward.

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