7 Mistakes To Avoid To Get More YouTube Subscribers

Are you struggling to get more subscribers to your YouTube Channel? If so, you may be making mistakes that you’re probably unaware of.

In the video below I’m going to give you 7 things you definitely
SHOULD NOT DO to get more subscribers and views to your channel.

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1. Don’t ask sub4sub
People who comment on your video with “I subscribed to you now subscribe to me” are spamming you. They are not interested in your content and only want to boost their subscriber count. Therefore they don’t offer any value to your channel.

2. Don’t add a link in the comments on other channels
Another annoying thing that people do is spam your comments by inserting a link to their channel or to a product they are trying to promote. Fortunately this kind of comment immediately gets flagged by YouTube as possible spam and is sent to the spam section so it won’t be seen by the public.

3. Don’t be boring
When filming a video you can’t use the same energy as when you’re talking to a person. The video camera reduces the energy you normally have so you appear on camera with little energy and enthusiasm. Instead double the energy and enthusiasm you normally have so it will motivate viewers to subscribe to your channel.

4. Don’t use clickbait
Clickbait is content whose main purpose is to attract attention and encourage visitors to click on a link to a particular video but the video is something completely different. For example posting a thumbnail of cleavage to make people click on your video about ant farms. This tactic will work against you because the audience will feel fooled and angry and will be less likely to watch any more of your videos. If someone clicks on a video and leaves quickly, this tracked time on screen will bump you lower in search results.

Clickbait is actually against YouTube’s Terms of Service and you’ll
actually get a strike against your channel for doing such activities.

5. Don’t use other people’s content (except creative commons videos)
Instead of stealing other peoples’ content, just be yourself and give your unique slant on a specific topic. By all means watch other peoples videos, read other people’s articles, listen to other peoples’ podcasts to get ideas but don’t just copy their content so there is no originality to it

This is one of the biggest things that is against YouTube’s Terms of Service. This is called Piracy! So, taking other people’s content without their permission is against YouTube’s Terms.

6. Don’t use inappropriate words
Watch How To Block Or Blacklist Certain Words On YouTube – Tutorial

7. Avoid infrequent uploading
The more frequently you upload the more exposure you’ll receive on your videos. People can then count on viewing your videos every week.

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