How To Advertise On YouTube For Beginners To Generate Traffic, Leads And Sales

  • Do you want to introduce your business
    to billions of viewers on YouTube?
  • After you’ve set up your Video Ads campaign using Google AdWords you’ll be able to start driving traffic immediately to your product or website.

Here are the steps to set-up your first video ads campaign:

Watch the video below…

  • First you want to link your YouTube account to your AdWords account
  • To do that Google “how to link your YouTube account with Adwords
  • Next log into your YouTube account
  • Click “Creator Studio”
  • Go to channel – advanced and down the bottom you’ll see “link an AdWords account” so I’ve linked a few accounts here.
  • Select the video that you want to advertise
  • Click “video manager”
  • I am going to select this video
  • Sometimes you see “Promote this video” next to your videos in video manager
  • I don’t see it next to this one so you just click on the drop down
  • Click “Promote” or you can go to your AdWords account
  • And here it says “Create a Campaign”
  • Campaign budget..enter Daily Budget
  • Enter $5.00
  • Audience-Select “Everyone”
  • On the right you’ll see estimated views per day and daily budget of $5.00
  • Preview your ads
  • In-stream is where your ad plays before another video on YouTube
  • In-display is where your ad is a thumbnail image and
    text appears near similar YouTube videos
  • Click “next step”
  • So I’ve got the headline “Professinal web design”
  • Description 1 I’ve got…”get a custom designed website”
  • Description 2 “increase traffic, leads and sales”
  • Select a thumbnail
  • Click “next step”
  • Sign in to AdWords
  • Ok I’ve signed into AdWords and I’ve got Review here..
    it says “you’re almost done”
  • Review ad copy, budget. potential reach
  • Targeting Group – Locations
  • Click “Create and launch campaign”
  • It says “not serving yet”
  • It’s under review so it will take maybe a few hours
    or 1 day at the most before it’s approved.
  • That’s it!

Now you know how beginners can advertise on YouTube and tap
into the billions of viewers to generate traffic,leads and sales.

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You’ll learn how to set-up your first video ads campaign.

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