Adwords Secrets – 7 Ways to Resolve Inaccurate Display URL

So you’ve set up your Google AdWords campaign and activated it but then get a message from Google that your ads have been dissapproved due to “inaccurate display URL.”

Definitions of destination URL and display URL

The display URL is visible to the person viewing the advertisement, while the destination URL is the actual page the person will be directed to when they click on your ad.

For example:

Display URL:
Destination URL:

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How to Resolve Inaccurate Display URL

1. Check the accuracy of your links

The display and destination URLs should both go to the same web site. Test both links before submitting your ad.

2. Destination TLD must have the same TLD (top-level domain ie .com. .net, .org) as the display URL of your ad.

For example:

If the display URL is and the destination URL is you’ll receive the message ” Inaccurate Display URL”

To resolve this make sure the TLD is the same for both URLS.

3. For Sub-domains the top-level domain must match the URL of your landing page.

For example, display URLs such as the following:

would all be acceptable for the landing page URL below, as the top-level domain of is matched:

4. The display URL field cannot be used as another line of ad text.

The display URL field must only contain a display URL.

5. Your display URL must include the domain extension, for example: .com, .net, and .org.

You can’t shorten the URL by eliminating the domain extension.

6. Stay within the character limit

If your actual destination URL link is too long to use as your display URL, use a shortened version (such as your homepage) that meets the character limit for this field.

Destination URL:

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Display URL:

7. When direct linking the display and destination URLs can be different

When direct linking to an affiliate product the display URL must be the same as the home page of your affiliate product. The destination URL can be your affiliate link or tracking link as long as it redirects to the same page as your display URL.

For example:

Display URL of affiliate product page

Destination URL of affiliate product page using tracking ID

You can add a keyword to the end of the display URL if it fits within the character limit.


Google’s Display URL policy

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