Article Conversion Rates – Improve Click Throughs With Call to Action (CTA)

If you write a lot of articles you want them to be read and acted upon so you will have a high conversion rate. Many folks are very good at writing articles but fail to provide a “call to action” in their resource box. They either leave it out or promote themselves at the beginning of the resource box then follow it with a CTA.

Why this not the way to do it?

After reading a well written article the person is prepared to take action. Your call to action (CTA) should immediately follow your article body while the article content is fresh is their minds.

Don’t follow your article with a pitch about yourself and all your wonderful accomplishments.

Examples of effective CTAs in the resource box:

1. Receive a Free Report on 10 Effective Ways to get your articles read by visiting

2. Sign up for a Free Bi-Weekly Newsletter to receive more marketing secrets at

3. Visit my web site at: to discover how to lose weight in 7 days.

When writing your CTA place yourself in your customers shoes and think of the benefits they’ll receive. Make the customer feel they can’t do without the knowledge they’ll get when they click through.

Test different CTAs

Every article doesn’t need to have the same CTA. Write out several CTAs to test which one gets the higher conversion rate. CTAs with high conversion rates mean you will make more sales, and get more subscribers. You also won’t have to write as many articles thus giving you more time to spend building your business.

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