Article marketing: How to Benefit from the Google Farmer Update

If you want your content to consistently get good rankings in the search engines you need to be aware of the constant changes Google makes to their ranking formulas. The Google Farmer update affected a lot of websites containing thin content. This is content that was copied or scraped from other sites and used on their own site. Websites containing original unique content weren’t affected much.

Let’s look at how Google ranks web pages

Google wants to show the most relevant content for searches done on specific keywords. If the same content appears in the top 10 results the searcher will conclude the information is irrelevant after the first result. Let’s say you wrote a 500 word article then submitted it to 300 different article directories. If Google thought it was a great article and allowed the same article to dominate the top 300 positions of the search engine it would lose its credibility as the top search engine. I’m not saying this was happening before the Farmer update however Google was allowing many sites with low quality content to obtain the top positions.

Many article directories lost their revenue because they had been accepting low quality content. A lot of people first submit their article to their blog then to different article directories. This results in a lot of duplicate content on the web. Search engines only want to rank the best quality content. Therefore the article that first appears in the search engines gets ranked while the rest don’t appear at all.

How to achieve success with article marketing

If you want to receive good rankings from your content write an original article and place it on your blog or website first . If you want to submit the same article to an article directory, rewrite the content before submitting it so it will achieve its own rankings. In the resource box link to the article on your blog to boost it’s rankings. Avoid using article software to create hundreds of different versions of the same article because it will only produce low-quality content and be rejected by the top article directories.

Diversify your traffic generation strategies

Don’t rely on one method to generate traffic such as article marketing. Instead diversify your traffic generation strategies by using social media, ezine ads, forums, blogs, video, audio and pay per click advertising. For example convert your article into video by reading it in front of a video camera then submit the video to multiple video sharing websites. Another example is to convert your article to a podcast and submit it to podcast directories such as iTunes.

The key to consistent traffic generation is to produce high quality unique articles, then re-purpose them to generate more traffic. Make sure you create a solid marketing plan for your website then stick to it.

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