Article Marketing – How to Get Traffic to a Brand New Web Site

A brand new web site will not sell anything unless you drive traffic to it. The more traffic you receive the better your chances of making a sale. Once you’ve got a reasonable amount of visitors you can begin to test the effectiveness of your sales copy.

There are 100s of methods to attract visitors to your new site. One highly effective strategy is article marketing. This requires you to write a 300-700 word article then submit it to article directories, ezine publishers and niche web sites.

The key to getting lots of visitors to read your articles is to write content that focuses on a particular problem your audience has then offer them a number of solutions. The purpose of your article is to provide quality content that gets them to click through to your web site and possibly purchase your product. Your article pre-sells the visitor by preparing their minds.

Make sure you create an attractive resource box at the end of your article because you only get one chance for them to take action. Test different resource boxes to see which receives the most click throughs.

Article Submission

Once you have written your article, submit it to the top article directories. Submit it to ezine articles dot com first because this is the best one. Rewrite the article then submit it to other top article directories.

Be consistent

Write and submit several articles per week. Once you have reached 25 articles you will begin to see a consistent flow of traffic by looking at your site statistics. Increasing the volume of articles you write and submit, will boost your rankings in the search engines and result in driving more visitors to your web site.

Track your visitors

Monitor the visitors to your web site by viewing your site statistics. It usually comes with your hosting package. If not find another host that provides them. Focus on the number of page views not hits. Page views refer to the number of unique visitors whereas hits refer to the number of times a visitor clicks to and on your web page. Unique visitors is really what counts.

Focus on writing lots of high quality articles. As the volume of articles increases so will the amount of traffic to your web site.

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Herman Drost is the Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW)
owner and author of Web Design, Web Hosting, SEO


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