Article Marketing Myth Busted: You Can’t Make Money Writing Articles

Article Marketing Myth Busted: You Can

Writing and syndicating articles on a consistent basis takes time and commitment. Most website owners view content development as a way to increase search engine rankings but may not think how their articles can make money.

Let’s look at some of the ways your articles can make money

Indirect profits

Link bait
If you provide great content your readers love they will link to it or share it on social media sites (ie facebook, twitter). The key is to tap into the problems your readers have then write content that offers a solution.

High rankings
The more articles you write the more links point back to your website. Your website will out rank competing websites if the quantity and and quality of incoming links exceeds theirs. Most article directories allow up to 2 links in the resource box at the end of the article.

Traffic boost

  • When website owners, blog owners, newsletter publishers publish your article you’ll receive an instant boost in traffic.
  • When readers share your article on their Twitter or Facebook page you’ll increase your traffic.
  • When an article ranks on the first page of the search engines you’ll receive a continuous stream of traffic.

Direct profits

Ebook or short report
Bundle several on your articles together to create an ebook or short report. A short report only needs to be 10-15 pages long so you could have a product ready to sell within one day.

Video Course
Create video articles from the content you’ve already written to create a video course you can sell online. Videos are perceived as a higher end product than written content.

Autoresponder course (e-course)
Take 7 (or more) articles on a specific topic and load them up into a sequential autoresponder that sends out a new article every few days for several weeks. The beauty of this system is that once a person purchases the e-course you can “set it and forget it.” It sends out the messages automatically.

Use the content of your articles to conduct teleseminars. Imagine if you charged $97.00 for a 60 minute teleseminar of 100 people. You’d make almost $10,000 in one hour.

Personal consultations
Beginners often prefer one-on-one consultations so they can learn quickly and avoid the common mistakes newbies make. If you’re recognized as an expert in your field you can charge high fees for personal consultations.

The article marketing myth “You Can’t Make Money Writing Articles” has been busted. So go write an article today, then make money from it by syndicating it to article directories, social media sites and creating information products.

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