Article Marketing Strategy: Write one article to generate lots of traffic

Article marketing strategy

How can you possibly generate lots of traffic from just writing one article?

Traffic is the life blood for a successful web site. You need it to make sales or get new subscribers. You can’t just upload your website to the Net and expect to receive traffic immediately. I’ve used article marketing as one of the main strategies for generating traffic to my websites for years however it must be done correctly for it to work.

So what’s the article marketing strategy I use to generate lots of traffic from one article?

1. Write a great article

First of all your article must provide valuable information. To write a great article look for questions people are asking about your niche. Visit forums, blogs and social media sites to get an idea what they are asking then write a 400+ article that answers their question. You could offer one great tip or 7’s up to you.

Content that addresses the needs of your audience gets shared with others. The quality of your writing improves as you write more articles. This is a natural method for boosting traffic.

2. Optimize your article

Search engines use keywords to find and rank your articles therefore make sure you do keyword research first before writing your content. Include your main keywords in the title, body and resource box at the end of your article. Don’t dilute your content by stuffing too many keywords into it. Your content must primarily appeal to your readers not the search engines.

3. Submit the article to your blog or website

If you want to build consistent traffic to your blog you need to continually add fresh content. This helps build a community around your blog. If your content is well written and optimized correctly it will rank well in the search engines. To boost it’s rankings create internal links within your blog. For example link to your new article from a related one using anchor text (hyperlinked text).

4. Submit your article to ezinearticles

This article directory receives the most traffic out of all the other article directories. It gets millions of visitors each day so submitting your article their enables you to receive some of that traffic. If you wish to boost the amount of traffic to your article try to get it in the most viewed list of articles. You’ll find these listed at the bottom of each article. They remain there for 60 days.

Instead of submitting the same article, rewrite it using a different title, paragraphs (at least the first paragraph) and resource box. Make sure the link in your resource box links to your website. Now you have another unique article generating traffic for you.

If you don’t have time to rewrite the article, submit it “as is” because ezinearticles gets visitors that don’t use the search engines to find fresh content. If a popular ezine publisher or website owner publishes your article you’ll get a ton of traffic.

5. Create a video article

Most people are visual learners these days because they have been watching television, videos or playing video games. Video engages your audience more than text because it includes sight and sound.

Simply convert your content by reading it in front of a video camera or creating a slide show then upload the video to YouTube. To increase traffic to your video upload it to multiple video sharing websites using TubeMogul. To optimize your video on YouTube include your main keywords in the title and description. Make sure you also add the full URL to your website in the title tag.

6. Repeat the process for every article

To make article marketing work successfully you need to repeat this process for every article you write. Write at least one article per week then increase it to 3 per week as you get better. Your traffic will increase in proportion to the number of articles you write.

7. Monitor your traffic statistics

Use Google Analytics or your web hosting stats to track the performance of your web pages. You’ll be able to view the number of visitors, where they are coming from and what keywords they used to find your website.

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