Article Marketing Tip – How to Increase Unique Visitors

People that click on your web site one or more times are referred to as unique visitors. No matter how many times the links on your site are clicked by this person it still only registers as one unique visitor.

Why is it important to track unique visitors?

Tracking visitors gives you a clearer idea of the amount of traffic you are receiving. Hits are usually much higher than the number of unique visitors. One person can generate multiple hits from accessing different files on your web site. Therefore unique visitors provide a better indication of the type of traffic you want to receive.

How to increase unique visitors to your web site.

Article marketing is one of the most effective ways to generate unique visitors to your web site. Many ezine and newsletter publishers constantly need fresh content for their publications. If they have thousands of subscribers your article may generate lots of traffic from them reading your article.

You are usually allowed 2 backlinks per article when submitting to article directories. Backlinks are urls that link back to your web site. Since Google ranks web sites according to how many links are pointing to them, your articles help boost your search engine rankings.

Create an article marketing plan

1. Write 5 unique articles each week for 5 weeks.

The best way to achieve this is to create a list of themes you know a lot about, then write a collection of articles surrounding each theme.

2. Submit your article to ezine articles dot com.

Make sure you proof read the article first before publishing it. Ezine articles is the top article directory on the Net. It helps distribute your article in multiple ways so it has the potential to get lots of readers.

3. Submit your article to other directories.

There are 100s of other article directories however only select ones that generate the most traffic. If you have time you could rewrite your article for these directories so you don’t produce duplicate content.

4. Re purpose your content

Modify your article content by converting it to video or audio then submit it to video and audio sharing web sites. You could also use it to create an ebook, teleseminar or split the content into autoresponder messages for an e-course.


Monitor the amount of unique visitors entering your web site. The number will increase as you increase the volume of articles you write and publish. If you don’t make more sales from the boost in traffic, improve the content on your web page to achieve higher conversion rates.

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