Article Rewriting – Top 5 Reasons to Rewrite Your Article

article rewriting
Article marketing is a proven method for building backlinks, increase search engine rankings and attracting a continuous stream of visitors. Most article writers will write one article then publish it on their web site or blog and submit the same article to multiple directories.

Unless you rewrite your draft article it will only be mediocre. Most professional writers rewrite their article several times before publishing it.

What does rewriting mean?

It means you can rewrite the whole article or just sections of it depending on the purpose of your content.

Writers who focus more on quantity than quality may spit out a 300-400 word article in 30 minutes then publish it immediately. This may be good for blogs and some article directories that don’t check for quality however rewritten articles tend to be of higher quality.

Top 5 Reasons To Rewrite Your Article

1. Improves content quality

When writing an article it’s best to just write as you think without going back to correct how it reads. It enables your ideas to flow easily. After completing the article let it sit for a while, review it then rewrite sections that can be improved. It will greatly increase the content quality.

2. Corrects grammar and spelling mistakes

It’s easy to miss grammar and spelling errors after first writing the article. If you let another pair of eyes check it they’ll often find errors that you missed. Rewriting it will eliminate the errors.

3. Create several unique versions

If you submit the same content all over the Web the first submission will be indexed by the search engines. If you want your content to gain more exposure rewrite it to create another unique version. By submitting different versions to the top article directories so you don’t have to worry about duplicate content. Each article will generate its own new stream of traffic.

4. Generate multiple streams of traffic

Every time you rewrite an article, use each draft to attract new visitors. Rewrite at least 20% of the original content so it stands on its own as a unique article then submit it to different publications.

5. Become a a guest writer

Your guest article should be your best one. It will be your final draft that has been rewritten several times. Contact your publisher to find out what length they require and tell them they’ll get exclusive rights to it. This means you it won’t publish it elsewhere. Often times it needs to be several pages in length. In that case bundle several articles together.

Don’t dismiss print publications like magazines or newspapers. Exposing your business to these channels attracts a wider audience as these visitors may not spend much time online.

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  1. Good points. Normally you hear only bad things about rewriting articles such as they cant be read or they make no sense but here you turn it around and actually give some good reasons for rewriting.


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