Article Submission Frequency – How Often Should You Submit to Article Directories

It’s been proven that submitting to Article Directories will guarantee an increase in web traffic to your web site. If you only submit an article once a month it’s not going to help attract traffic. You need to submit several articles on a consistent basis to build a continuous stream of traffic.

Article Submission Frequency

1. If you have a bunch of articles stored on your hard drive it’s more effective to submit them all at once rather than spreading them out over a period of time. My experience shows I get more visitors if I submit 3 articles at the same time instead of one at a time.

2. If you want to receive a lot of traffic, submit a minimum of 5-20 articles per week, every week. If you can’t produce this many articles write 1-5 articles per week for the first 3-4 months. Evaluate the results at the end of this period. The top article directories (i.e., ezine articles) produce statistics that show how many people read articles. If you find this strategy effective you can then boost your results by increasing your submission frequency.

3. If you own many web sites it will be difficult to write many articles for each niche. My recommendation is to focus on one niche unless you have lots of time and are a fast writer. Focusing on one niche allows you to concentrate your thoughts better and make it easier to generate multiple articles.

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  1. I agree, submitting articles can be done more frequently as well. Some of our authors submit 10-50 per day. They still manage to keep them unique as well.

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