Article Titles – Don’t Overpromise and Don’t Underdeliver

How do you make your articles stand out from the competition?
How can you attract the attention of your readers?
How do you create content that makes your prospects hungry for more?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the content on the Net. When Googling a topic you receive hundreds of choices. Only the content that is highly targeted, relevant and speaks to you gets your attention. If you are a writer you need to place yourself in the shoes of your readers and think from their perspective. Your first goal should be to create captivating article titles and secondly to maintain their attention throughout the rest of the article by offering valuable content.

Don’t overpromise in your article titles

You’ve probably read many titles that go something like this..”How to Easily Make $50,000 in one day.” You’d have to be incredibly naive to believe in this title because it’s overpromising however if this is your first time reading it you may fall for the hype and buy the product.

When people are desperate to make money they easily believe in false claims then end up becoming disillusioned because they were taken for a ride. They were told the Internet is an easy way to make money only to find out later it wasn’t true.

Don’t underdeliver in your article titles

Have you ever been promised something but were disappointed in what you received because it underdelivered? A great example that comes to mind is one of the sequels to the Twilight Movie. The ad in the newspaper read “Watch the Best Twilight Movie Ever.” My kids were so excited to see it they went to the midnight show. The result…thorough disappointment because the movie underdelivered on the promise made in the ad. They said it was the worst Twilight movie they’ve seen.

How to create effective article titles

Make sure you deliver exactly what you promised in your title. Your article title should be a synopsis of your content. I often change my title several times after I’ve completed writing the content. Use action verbs such as discover, learn, how, 7 tips or ask questions to grab your reader’s attention. Research the titles of popular books and ask yourself what is it about the title that made me want to read the book.

For example one of the most popular books of all time has the title “How to win friends and influence people.” The title states clearly what the book will do and the results you’ll get.

Write your title so it leaves the reader hungry for more content. Each sentence should draw the reader though the article. Don’t worry if you don’t get it perfect in the beginning because your writing will improve with practice.

Bonus Tip
Read the titles of magazines when you go grocery shopping. Companies spend thousands of dollars on copywriters to create attractive titles to sell their magazines.

Read the titles of the best selling books on Amazon to get ideas for creating new titles for your articles.

If you want your article to stand out from all the content offered on the Net don’t overpromise or underdeliver in your article titles.

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