Article Writing – How to Write Multiple Articles Quickly

If you are doing any marketing on the Net you will always need new content. The content that gets the most read is unique, offers valuble information and contains no obvious spelling or gramatical errors. If it fails to meet the above criteria it won’t stand out from the thousands of articles being written and submitted every day to article directories and ezine publishers.

7 steps to writing multiple articles

1. Keyword research

Go to Wordtracker and enter the main keyword or keyword phrase you want to write about. The free wordtracker tool will provide a list of 100 new phrases. The number beside these phrases represent how many people entered these phrases in the search engines over a one month period. Copy and paste these phrases
into an Excel speadsheet so you can refer to it at any time when you need to write another article on the same subject.

2. Create an headline

From your keyword phrase, create an attractive headline. If you can’t create an attractive headline, don’t worry. You can always create it later based on the content of your article. You’ll probably change the headline several times while writing its content. The headline should capture the essence of the article topic so readers will know what to expect.

3. Create subtopics

Write the first line for each of 5 paragraphs if you want to write a 500 word article. Each paragraph will contain approximately 500 words. The subtopics expand from the main topics ie

If your main topic is about camping your sub topics may be:

What is camping?
What are the benefits of camping?
What types of camping are there?
Where are the best places to go camping?
What items do you need to take?

4. Expand upon each subtopic

Flush out each subtopic by including more points about it then expand upon them in the next few sentences. Very soon you will have 100 words per paragraph. If you need to write a 1000 word article just create more subtopics.

5. Create a resource box

Here is where you are allowed to market yourself and your products. Include your full name, web site address, your offer and a call to action.

Read “How to Create a Highly Effective Resource Box

6. Check for grammar and spelling errors

Don’t rely on the MS Word spell check. It doesn’t correct all your spelling errors. Let your article sit for a few hours or a day then read it again. Often you find better ways to say something and correct obivous mistakes when you let your article stew for a while. Get someone else to read it. They will have a more objective view because writing the article brings yourself too close to it.

7. Rinse and repeat

Repeat the above steps for each new article. You can even create several new articles simultaneously by creating outlines for each of the keyword phrases. You may find that a subtopic can easily be expanded into an article because you have so much information to share.


Keep a notebook or tape recorder handy for new article ideas that pop into your head while walking, or driving somewhere. This will prevent you from getting writer’s block..where you just stare at your monitor and nothing comes to mind. It enables you to create more content at a faster rate in less time.

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